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I went to have my op on Tuesday guall bladder removed, well nurse came took all details told me to put gown on then she went away, so here comes the consultant sorry she said but your not having it done today this hospital as no faculties for overnight stays, you must be joking i said four men on this ward ad op yesterday. ?.. well the way she spoke to me a dog won't lick.... she never even told the nurses for 20 mins they were tying to keep me there by now not there fault on this day i ad appointment for eye clinic which i canceled oh i was fuming by now....anyway she said now i have to go to different hospital to have it done. .., noway went to GPS she could not believe this so seeing different consultant but why the hell should i have to wait iam in pain a lot of it fribo eyes epilpsy losing feeling in my right arm am like an old man only in early 50s thanks for being there my great wife /kids and can't forget my fribo friends.!

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(((((HUGS))))) I'm so sorry you've been treated so poorly. I hope your gallbladder is treated soon for you. I know the pain & am so glad to have had mine out.


What a bad luck just what you didnt need to be wound up waiting and then sent away. hope you get sorted xgins


Know exactly how you feel, my OH had his op cancelled twice with days to go.... I was in hospital like yourself and had it cancelled.... Fortunately I had only had to wait a week and it was the same hospital but having the stress of getting there , getting ready and then not having it ..... We don't need that... I was more nervous the second time of having it cancelled than I was of the op

Good luck



that is unreal! what on earth are these people doing working with sick people? have they ever heard of compassion? perhaps 1 day they may find themselves in a similar position, pay back time!

Really hope you get decent treatment asap. xx


Oh I know this one...!

I was prepped, gowned and nil by mouth from the night before- then in afternoon (still waiting), told I couldn't have my knee op (it was painfully locked in a bent position, I couldn't walk or even stand)...

So, in order to discharge me they manually (& excruciatingly) levered the leg straight so they could discharge me- it turned out they could not accommodate me overnight after the op.

When I got home, I tried to get to the loo and fell, the leg locked again and I was back at square one.. Trouble is, they did know my oh has polio and a withered leg so was not in a position to help me.. it is shameful we get treated so poorly.



I feel for you , having serious gallbladder trouble myself, i was rushed in as an emergency, given morphine and sent home at 4am. needless to say i was rushed in as an emergency yet again shortly afterwards which i'm glad to say resulted in me having my operation.

hope you get a result soon , hugs

Kira x


They tried to send me home with a fractured rib and no treatment. I refused to leave. They then gave me morphine and after seeing that that didn't help put me on a ward overnight. I am sure I read somewhere (poss on this site) that the best attitude to take is one where you do refuse to leave.


I know how you feel I had to collapse and be rushed in b4 they did mine.

i really feel for you its so wrong sending you a big hug


Thanks to all for your support very much appreciated, going to see gp this week, hope she can do something for me ...., oh by the way she had phone call off this consultant saying I now have to wait four weeks for op... why should i have to I was there these people think they are God not with me anymore my gp is fantastic why can't hospital doc's be the same....once again thank you my fribo friend's for being here for me


That is terrible I went to hospital a few times with chronic pain sent home told to take gaviscon in the end a stone escaped and caused pancretitas I was in agony although I was not a drinker I am banned for life. I had to stay in hospital for 10 days waiting for things to settle down before op hooked on a drip nothing to eat or drink for a week. I do hope you get sorted. Xx


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