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Who else suffers with astma type breathing problems?

My breathing is shallow, wheezing from the left lung and coughing very small amounts of clear mucus..what is that all about.....had blue pump and brown pump now have a powder one! lucky me.... still feel so weak and just had bloods done again as the first lot showed that i am now b12 deficient, i seem to be collecting new illnessess/conditions! grrrr anyone else feel the same? Anyway a very happy new year to one and all xxx

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I haven't but just wanted ot say happy new year so you don't feel alone on hear x


Hi Shazzad can't say i'm Asthmatic but i get very out of breath going upstairs,at the top of the stairs some days i feel my whole body falling down i am in a lot of pain, i have to sit or lie on the bed till it passes,so yes and no i don't have any mucous stuff coming up,just in distress for a while.jacksiex


Thank you for sharing your experiences and wishes for me xx


hi Shazzad

i was diagnosed as asthmatic after having pneumococal pneumonia and pleurisy , i go for months not needing inhalers but i do get the flu jab every year. Thank goodness as my hubby was very ill with the flu in december

I was over 50 when diagnosed but i thnik my problems may be to do more with damage from pneumonia

i always make sure i have inhalers with me tho

this year i do NOT intend collecting any more conditions lol


Hi shazzad, I have asthma and have been having difficulty with breathing. Don't think whether chopping and changing between hot and cold helps. On Flem note I get this roo but it tends to cling at back of throat moastly and rests on chest - very rarely am I able to cough it up though, usually means I've got chest infection when I get this build up of Flem. I do struggle have to admit on using inhaler when I should - don't think this helps chest :) have you had doctor look at it? Xxx


Breathing problems are a sign of B12 deficiency. There is lots of information about the causes, symptoms and treatment of this if you google or look at Pernicious Anaemia Society. Here is one link and a video:


You would be wise to learn as much as you can:


Thank u for that information i will check that out! xxx


Hi Shazzad,

I too have the same problem as yourself. Back in October 2012 I had my yearly flu jab. All ok until end of October when the first of the year bronchitis struck but was lucky as it was not as bad as normally. thinking it was all clear as I felt so much better I got on with my life then second week November I was down with bronchitis yet again, this time I really thought I was dying never in all the 62 years of having at least 3 bouts of bronchitis a year did ~I feel so ill. It hung about for four weeks, it has left me very breathless more so than before and the wheezing can be very loud at times. My GP prescribed a brown preventor inhaler to be taken twice a day, some days it does the job other days it does not. It is just a lottery. I have had Fibromyalgia since 2001 it came on suddenly after so much stress in my life that year. Fibro and arthritis has caused so much pain for me, I have good days but oh so many days I could just cry. Thank goodness for my wonderful husband. Each day I say to myself. "There are others in this world much worse off than me" and try to get through the day by keeping as busy as I can, I still push myself to have a little walk each day and paint or draw as and when my hand s permit. I hope you will be better soon or at least cope with it all. God Bless. Happy New Year. xxx


In addition to widespread pain and fatigue, fibromyalgia can be associated with:

irritable bowel syndrome

fluctuating stiffness


a feeling of weakness

cold intolerance

poor sleep


chest pain

cognitive difficulties

sensitivity to light, smells, temperature and sound

dizziness (balance problems)

anxiety/panic attacks


Same has me I've got them I don't need anymore get well soon xx


I'm like it now have been 7 weeks been had bloods done had chest infection feels like water in my throat awful on meds predict and antibiotics xx


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