To all my good Fybro friends,

Are you ready for the news, wait for it, wait............. be patient.

They offered me the job and I said yes, Hooray, I'm so happy.

Just have to wait now on the ref and disclosure check and It's take off time.

I would like to thank all who wished me luck, the good energy you all sent certainly helped.

A special thank you to tiredalot40. I did the superman thing and reached for the sky and the outcome was great!!!!!!!! I did feel better after doing this.

Hope everyone else has had some comfort today.

My love to you all xxx

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  • Well done and I think we will all benefit from taking up the Superman pose xx

  • For sure lou1065 xxx

  • Congrats ryanbone xxx

  • Ta mattoid-mags, means a lot to me xxx

  • Hi

    It's so wonderful to hear good news :) I remember that your current job was very stressful.

    Congratulations on your success. I am so pleased for you.

    Good luck on your continued success


    Lu xx

  • So pleased to hear your great news. Good luck in your new job.

  • Thank you md 55 xxx

  • I'm over the moon for you. Keep us updated on how it all goes when you start.x

  • Sure will rosewine, thank you xxx

  • Yea it works!!!!!

    Congratulations you have every right to be proud of yourself, you did well. I hope the job is everything you want it to be :)

    Will have to give the superhero pose a go myself next time I have to ask the boss for a payrise :p

  • Ye tiredalot and a big one, cheers bud xxx

  • Congratulations. Good to hear some good news. Hope all goes well. Gentle hugs Joolz.x

  • Cheers Flossyjoolz, so nice of you xxx

  • Congrats from the sunny south too. Sadly a superman pose is now beyond me, but I can do it in my mind. . . .

  • Hey fenbadger,

    Thanks for that, take care xxx

  • Congratulations!!!😊😊😊

  • Cheers Angelseven xxx

  • Well done! Nice they offered you it so quickly and saved you the stress of waiting for a letter. Good Luck when you start.😊😊😊

  • Yes I know Volatileval, must have been my luck day and the superman pose of course!!!!!!!!!

    Cheers xxx

  • Yippie.. it makes me joyful for you. Good news is wonderful especially here.

    let us all be so happy in this news. =)

  • Awhhh, thankyou Yikes2, that's very kind of you xxx

  • Congratulations, and good luck πŸ˜ƒ

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