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Laptops I thought I was more than capable so

when mine returned with a wonderful new screen I -was well pleased -wait for it- it now has developed really awful habit 1 typing along and it resets the words so you are constantly having to go back and retype over nonsence. 2 It keeps cutting out saying there is no time left 3. in my mimi skirtf the cursor gets to close to the edges it closes the page.

So I am not to blame just mistified I reckon there are too many sausage rolls in my mini skirt (left that one in) very annoying

(head in hands bangs on table) dabbing at eyes I am really off the is no excuse for my poor gramma and spelling .

So need suggestions or frendly computer wizard____---------------_________I promise to look axginsfter him

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Ah gins - you have the same problem as me!

If you look at the little square which acts as a mouse, on the top there should be a little button which will switch it off temporarily so you can type unhindered.

Your wrist will keep brushing it otherwise, and shuffling your text a you have found! when you need the mouse again to edit - you just switch on again!

Hope this helps!

Love Moffy x


My word not just a great volunteer but a computer wizard as well ..hands moffy a hat covered in stars with a shiney badge with letters C W on it.... No you idiot it stands for computer wizard not complete waste.... Sighs,... You try to do something nice,,,

On a serious note thank goodness for gins you are here I read it and thought ...what...? It's not just you gins I have an iPad not from choice , from fibro knotting up my shoulders when I try to use a pc mouse or laptop but I am totally computer illiterate I rely on my OH and son For everything technical... I even managed to delete myself off here trying to update my profile......

Hope moffy has sorted you out,, we don't want to lose you off here... And if all else fails just type gibberish so we know you are still here

VG xxx


we need a star chart for our wonderful Moffy , gold stars only of course xx


It's not me that's a wizard, folks - my son-in-law is a software engineer, and he knows EVERYTHING about 'puters! Anything goes wrong and I just get Tommy to sort it - don't know what I'd do without him.

I told him Gins was in trouble, and he hopped straight on his white horse and galloped to the rescue!


Are you sure you haven't mixed your son in law up with Gandalf .. He rode a white horse... I just imagine a software engineer turning up in a Porsche or something.....

VG x


Tommy would love a Porsche, and no doubt one day he will have one!

At the moment he is struggling to get his own firm up and running, so he can't even afford the horse, really!

I'm sure he will succeed, 'cos he's such a good person, as well as being clever! He looks younger than Gandalf ... at the moment!

Moffy x