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feeling more odd than usual


morning everyone,

fatigue and pain and brain fog are my main daily symptoms I live with but the last few days they've gotten worse to the point yesterday that I managed to walk my dogs at 6am; rather enjoyed it as no one else around and sun was shining and air was cold (just how I like it) came home and done washing and fed ginnie. then all of a sudden I had run out of spoons, my whole body felt like lead and I literally slept away easter sunday!!!!!!

much to the annoyance of my husband and son. they couldn't believe I could be SO tired! so they were all huffy and moany on the occaisions I woke for a drink. ive woken with my usual pounding headache and dizziness and my home looks like a tornado's been through it! why cant they just tidy up behind them selves? grrrr! soz, need to whinge.

they are expecting to go somewhere today / do something and im feeling very guilty as im going to use my spoons up quickly as im still feeling like im drugged on sleeping pills?? my speech is slurred and my thought process is slower. I cant let them down again,do you too feel guilty when everyone around you wants a normal life and have some fun and our bodies let us down?

to top all my usual daily rubbish that lupus and fibro give me im also worried im about to loose my job as the company i work is in massive debt and rumours of shop closures are rife. who would want me? im a knackered work horse and cannot claim benefits as my hubbys wages are ment to be plenty to live on!.......can be if I don't eat,use electric, use water and just pay rent and council tax be could survive. one of my friends has just died of cancer and ive lost 3 ginea pigs this month from old age :( sorry, im really fed up xxxx

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Morning caninecrazy :)

You are having a rough time aren't you?

Why don't you grab a cuppa :)

Sometimes we just don't have what it takes to function properly I've missed many things through ill health, especially fatigue. Sometimes getting to where I'm going exhausts me so that I end up so tired and uncomfortable and with that comes increased pain and grouchiness on my part :o

I'm sorry your Hubby and Son grumped about you yesterday but there is always something good to take from these experiences. You can now measure how much you can cope with at a time and break it up with breaks so it doesn't fatigue you as much. Everyday is a learning curve and it can take a while to learn what our capabilities are, which can change from day to day............. cause and effect I'm afraid :(

Walking the dog possibly requires an extra spoon at the moment, same as washing up or tidying up especially as you're running on empty. Of course this may mean you can only do 2/3 chores a day instead of 3/4 but one must make allowances for oneself! :)

Here's a few tips, when going to be going out for the day don't plan to exert yourself beforehand, how old is your son? is it possible that you could ask your son to walk the dog while your hubby makes breakfast giving you a more relaxed time before you go out. You could explain to them about not overdoing it and having to re-charge your battery more often and ask if they could help with daily chores as it would help towards you having a bit more energy to enjoy time with them. You have an illness you're not doing it on purpose and I'm sure they don't think that you are.

Do you practice relaxation at all? It may also be useful for you so here's a couple of links to my Posts from the Past



RELAXATION TIME............. Where will this path take you to?


As for today hunny I'm not sure :) only you can make that choice with your hubby and son :) I travel with lucozade or other energy drink now as I feel it helps to give the short bursts often needed when out. It doesn't always work either mind you especially if I'm 'dog-tired' :o

I am thinking of you and wish you wellness for the day, rest up and see how you feel in an hour or so and maybe just go out for the afternoon instead. Maybe go and have a chat with your GP too about this they maybe able to help you.

:) xxxsianxxx :) OMG apologies for the epic reply eek! :o

Hi and gentle hugs, caninecrazy. I am so sorry to hear you are feeling so low. Could not your husband take your son out on their own to give you the chance to rest? I know how you feel about no one clearing up after themselves, my Hubby and two teenage kids are the same, 'Leave it to Mum'. It's soo annoying! Could you have a word with hubby and son about how fibro and lupus affects you? Ask them to be a little bit more understanding? I hope you are feeling better and I hope you get a break from being 'mum' even if it is just for an hour or so when you get time to yourself. Big Gentle Hugs, Loving Thoughts coming your way, Julie xxxxx

Julie63 in reply to Julie63

PS, sorry to hear about your job worries too. Just what you don"t need at a time when you're feeling so low. Hope it works out for the best for you, Positive Thoughts coming your way. Julie xxxxx

Hi caninecrazy sorry to hear you had such a horrid day yesterday I sometimes wonder if the boot was on the other foot as the saying goes hope everything is okay with your job gentle hugs dear friend. Ros

Hi caninecrazy

I am so sorry to read that you are having such a wretched time at the moment. It must be terrible for you not knowing if you will have a job or not? However, as you have worked in the last twelve months you will be eligible to apply for Job Seekers Allowance, if you intend to try and find another position? I have pasted you the link below:


I am also so sorry to read that you have lost such a close friend; I always think it reminds us of our own mortality and if we are not feeling too well then it is all the more poignant to us. I genuinely hope that you are grieving and not taking it too badly? My heart goes out to you.

Were your Guinea Pigs like members of the family to you? I am also so sorry that you have lost 3 of them recently also, and that you are not taking this too hard?

It must feel like the world is conspiring against you at the moment, but please remember that you are loved and cared for by your family. Take care and I hope that things really pick up for you soon.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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