who would you chose to put on a free show in your home or garden?

who would you chose to put on a free show in your home or garden?

following on from maladjusted and vg's themes, pick your own variety show entertainers now or past.

you can have just 1 or fill your show with music, musicals, comedians, dancing dogs, jugglers, anyone! nd a top of the bill act.

I'd have

Ken Dodd,


matt monro,

colm wilkinson singing "Bring Him Home"

my Dad singing "Scarlet Ribbons,"

my Mum duetting with Micheal Balll

michel ball singing "gethsemane"

edward woodward singing "the first time..."

top of the bill Barry Manilow.

happy choosing,


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  • Ooooh, nice question! Gonna go off and have a think ...... Now, where did I leave my thinking cap? Anyone seen it...? :-)

  • Queen! One last time with Freddie :( Billy Connolly, Ella Fitzgerald, Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, Nirvana, Doris Day to serve the tea, Victoria Wood, Julie Walters & Sarah Millican for a natter. A massuese for each of us. The RSNO. Sunshine. The scent of Sweet Peas & Liam Neeson to read us a story as wee lie in the shade. Bliss. Wee hugs to you all xxxx

  • The Osmond's

  • I love Pudsey he he would be marvelous in the garden.

    Then the cast of The Rocky Horror show

    Alan Titmarsh he can look my veg over

    On the piano on the patio (my memory is so ) whats his name the jaz musician

    On the viloin Vannessa Mae where has she gone

    its later than you think dar de dah its later than..........you.... think

  • Ive got it ..............Jools Holland very good for memory skills xgins

  • I can do a sit down version of the timewarp "with a slide to the left..."

  • the osmonds barry manilow and pudsey and ashleigh

  • Ok - I've had a think.

    Music by Elvis (of course, after yesterday), Santana and Shania Twain.

    Magic by Dynamo

    Personalised cartoon portraits of the guests by Rolf Harris

    Catering by Raymond Blanc (becoz I luurve 'ees French acksent!)

    A magnificent (silent) firework display at the end of the night!

    Invitations are in the post :-D

  • Morecambe and Wise

    ....singing, dancing comedy, acting. Perfect!

  • I,m afraid this is easy for me but very boring for all of you I,d have a rock concert in my garden Avenged Sevenfold , Greenday, Reo Speedwagon Linkin Park etc etc and my son would be the top of the bill and he would just play lead guitar with whichever group he wanted...... And I,d be singing on my sticks proudly at the side loving the music....


  • Sounds good to me! Invite????

  • U2. Rock concert in back yard - fab!!!

  • Mine would be a weird bunch:

    Ella Fitzgerald

    Michael buble

    Bon jovi

    Tim Minchin

    Fairground attraction

    And to end it all one final number by the Rat Pack

  • Can we have the late, great Morecambe and Wise to make us laugh?

    I think we should have a set by VG's lad as well - a future star to go with those from the past!

    My very artistic son will paint the scenery, and we've probably got enough sausage rolls left from yesterday!


  • Will Young saw him at Westonbert Arboratum , could pretend its my garden , xx

  • evetone over to yours then!

  • everyonev

  • Hey come on ladies and gents,let's have a real party let's see the neigbours go for a melt down on the phone to the enviroment department complaining and rightfully so.Guns n Roses, aerosmith,Black Sabbath i know i can't but i wish,Deff Lepard,just to name a few,i would just love ,i know the kids in the street would come running and waving their arms in joy.The neigbours well!!jacksiex

  • oh yes great idea , we live just the other side of the fence where people have complained that the play equipement has been painted too brightly ! , really ? primary colours too bright , so it has been unopened for over a year , never mind national press onto it now so it will be sorted ,

  • oh, playground equipment too! I love swings.

  • Oooh, who would I pick - private concert. Would have to last all weekend. I'd pick either Morrissey or George Michael to top the bill, bit of Willie Nelson, Joan Baez, Bonnie Raitt,. Perhaps reform Simply Red for a few songs, possibly Roxy Music, and would definitely have to have Muse along. Soon as I have posted this I'll think of many more - can I have a circa 1976 Neil Diamond too?

  • cameronlife.photoshelter.co...

    If you like Joan Baez, you'll like these photos (copy the link above into your brouser) taken by my Father-in_law Charles. He photographed her at the 1970 IOW festival, and then again 40 years on at Sheffield City Hall! In fact we also arranged it for him to do the same with 3 other artists, Melanie (Brand New Key), Terry Reid (superlungs) and Andy Roberts (Touring with Hank Wangford), all 40 years on. We are setting up a website with all his archive on, and have started with the 1970 festival. If you like jimi Hendrix and the Who, they are on there too.


  • Thanks for the link. Nice photo's, saw Joan last year, she was still as good as ever, though her shows start and end a lot earlier nowadays

  • I'd have Foo Fighters for my rock chick nature and I'd have Eric Clapton for my blues side and I'd have Muse for all their local fans down here in Devon. Snow Patrol and Fleetwood Mac if any of them couldn't make it.

    I've seen them all except for Muse and Snow Patrol, but I hope to put that right this year or next :-D :-D

    I'd also have Monty Don along to make suggestions for our garden which is to be terraced this year :-) did anybody watch his French garden series this year (and his Italian last year)?

  • Yeah as an "oldie" I agree with Jacksie ROCK ON and of course Morcambe and Wise.

  • ooh I forgot to add david essex

  • Coming a little more up to date.....

    I would like the team from Strictly Come Dancing, especially the little Italian one, a younger Bruce Forsythe and Cliff Richard. Jamie Oliver can cook for us all.

  • do you mean bruno?

    I like sasha.

  • the dancer not the critic

  • goody! I can have bruno. :D

  • what are you gonna do with him?

  • dance of course,

  • A slow one I expect and as this is your fantasy, I guess he he can like girls for one night ;)

  • I'm irrisistable don't you know!

  • well, if you manage to convert Bruno, toss him this way when you've done with him

  • will do, I may be sometime... :D

  • I can wait

  • Would have Gary Numan, Muse, and most definately Peter Gabriel for the music. Then Milton Jones, Sarah Millican and Rhod Gilbert for the comedy. Celebs would have to be Keith Lemon, Sam Neill Jeff Goldblum and Holly Willabooby (to keep hubby happy).

    Catering by the scrummy yummy Raymond Blanc.


  • and cakes by mary berry

  • or mary baker. I used to love those cake mixes,- lemon tops & orange tops.

  • Hi my friends just thought i'd tell you ,the weekend went fabulous,the weather was a bonus but not as big a bonus as the stars lined up in my garden,excuse me while i just thank the bands for a great weekend of heavy rock,wow! it was electric,anyway i will now say goodbye to my dearest friend rod stewart,he was actually the one who got the bands together can't thank him enough,what's that ringing sound,oh i know it's my alarm time to get up,what a lovely dream i had,although it seemed so real,never mind it was nice while it lasted back to normality pills and pain.jacksiex

  • I'm jealous of your lovely dream :)

  • Thankyou sandra99b,i must admit i've just read it again and i must say it's pretty convincing i'm beginning to think it really happened myself.It was a lovely moment inspired by yourself,see if you can think of some more fantasies, you had a very good response from friends of the Fibro site.Thankyou jackiex.

  • Thanks jackie, I enjoyed the responses.

    send Rod round please,


  • Hey sandra i would love to send him to your home but alas he caught an early flight to USA,if i happen to have another gig in my garden i will certainly let you know.Anyway i'm telling fibs here ,but i will continue to dream.I think you and i may have a little in common as far as the humor goes.dream on jacksiex

  • not fibs, I'm sure if you did have that gig with rod you'd invite me.

    we have some others with the same sense of humour luckily, it gives me "time out" from fibro.


  • Absolutely sandra,i think we could have a massive party and maybe a few drinks not many though ,darn tablets.jacksiex.

  • when we do it through a themed blog we can be free of med's and pain.


  • wow sandra i have just realised you have 47 comments on your blog,fantastic response.jacksiex.

  • :D

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