ASTERIOD da14size of 1/2 of a football pitch.....passing over planet earth soon...missing us by a cosmic inch... What would be ur last MEAL?

AS the ASTERIOD da14 is passing over the earth soon...what can i have to eat as posibly my last meal.....fridge and freezer empty so had crispbread with tinned chicken yummpy but my fav meal would be my mums chicken soup, peppered steak and apple pie with ice cream with a wee whisky and irn bru....surrounded by family and friend playing the humming game where we hum our fav song x

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  • Chinese takeaway ,,,, if it arrived in time :)

  • heehee... love that :)

  • mine would be roast beef and yorkshirepuds ,,then strawberry cheese cake ,with the family of my boys and grandchildren ,,all have a great day x

  • After all of that you would not be able to move for a the asteroid would get you !!! lol

  • Mmmmm steak of course for me with garlic mushrooms, home made chips and birds eye garden peas with a DOB of butter on top.

    Ahhhh yummy yummy

    Tuts i want it for breakfast now lol


  • Yumm... :)

  • Roast lamb, runner beans, roast potatoes and mint sauce for me please, then fruit crumble and ice cream. MMM-mmm!

    When the asteroid hits - if it's like a football field, then we might get hot pies and tea in plastic cups, as well!


  • Beef Wellington with roast potatoes followed by crème brûlée

  • I'm with u Suzy, with a few ickle changes, instead of pastry, I would coat the fillet of beef in chopped herbs, (rosemary, thyme, parsley, small amount of basil) then wrap it with porcini mushrooms and then prosciutto or parma ham. There would be creme brûlée but also some hazelnut meringues with raspberries and cream, made with the egg white left over from the creme brûlée .

  • I'm that hungry ,I could eat a horse !

  • Nut cutlets and chips, followed by sherry trifle with lots of custard

  • Stew and dumplings for me please.

  • i am with Moffy roast lamb then banoffee pie yummy , x

  • roast lamb, mint sauce, roasties, cauli, carrot & turnip and gravy, followed by jam roly poly & custard!


    dermot o' leary and forget the meal!


  • A bit of everything above lol :-)

  • Salad lol as that is all I eat and at least I would have it prepared ready xxxxx

  • Prawn Cocktail with slices of home-baked bread (made by Hubby) followed by Roast Beef dinner cooked by Hubby (he is a fab cook) then off to a Harvester to have a Rocky Horror!! I might not be able to eat it all but I'll pace myself so I can have a bit of everything! lol or.....crispy peking duck with wheaten pancakes, spring onions & hoi sin sauce, szechaun chicken, small vegetable chili spring rolls, prawn crackers and red cherry carte d'or ice cream... I know what I like but tbh I'd be happy with this diet every other day lol

    I seem to be liking more savoury food as I age (disgracefully ;) )



  • I would definitely get every kind of food I could.. have it set up on the big dining table.. lots of bottles of wine etc.. and go for it with my Love and all my Soul Family. Feasting and singing.. way to go!

  • i had a chinese takeaway and it was yummy however I was sick almost immediately so much so that i nearly ended in hopsital. No more for me : (

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