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Positivity is the way forward (when I'm not nipin at people) ha

Missed college yesterday feet felt like I was walking on hot coal all day. Rest did me good. Had a study day which consisted of an omnibus of eastenders then all of a sudden it was 3 pm "/

Felt better today but not 100% stressed all day deciding whether to go to a gig tonight organised by the college but as soon as I did decide to go I felt alot better :)

It was in the west end my fav place. It was only my new college pals that went and we got chucked out Hah rather tired but couldn't be happier :) Positive for College tomorrow and this new part of my life. Making history positive is the way lol x

Sorry for the ramble (on the train bored)

Love to all hope we all had a better day :)

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glad you felt better today. why did you get thrown out?


Thanks, We got chucked out because we werent drinking :0

We were told as it was a college event under 18s were ok. So a few of us older ones didn't think we needed ID But the barman came over to us very rudely asked 'why are you here, you aren't drinking' we said we are meant to be here we're here as part of our college course. He said we had to leave because we didn't have ID. Well I did but I wasn't going to ditch my pals that got chucked out.

I went over to our lecturer and told him about it he just shrugged.


I bet the barman told you off for not being rowdy enough! :D


Hi msBrightside

I am so sorry to read that you have been feeling poorly, but I am happy to read that you are feeling better today. I hope that your evening was enjoyable if you decided to go?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Aw thank you ken :)

Yeah I did go really enjoyed it haven't really did anything except college so it felt like a wee night out :) lol

Think I am over doing it with college but it makes me soo happy it's worth it. I have got support from the student services. My class rep worked in the learning support of the college last year so I think tomorrow I might have a chat with him about how to go about telling the tutors about my illness because I don't think they know. Must not have read my application form. Have only missed 2 classes so far so think I'm doing well. All the best to you x


I am also happy that you are feeling so positive. How we feel about things goes a long way toward moving us forward.

I also experienced horrible foot pain. it was so bad in my 30s that I had to take off work a few times. Anyway I have finally found amazing results when I changed my diet. I am now paleo. I also completed a liver cleanse and a couple of sessions of parasite cleanse. Most of my fibro symptoms disappeared. I have discovered a couple of other things that I am hopeful will relieve the remaining symptoms.

I feel better than I have felt in many years. Maybe this would interest you. You sound so young and vibrant. I would hate to see that all eaten away by this insidious condition that does get worse if action is not taken.


Sorry I'm just replying very sleepy day at college. Yeah that would definitely Intrest me I have found eating healthy helps. I am willng to trt Anything that will make me beat this. The doctors seem like they are going at a snails pace in diagnosis and treatment. They didn't even have me on pain killers until a few months ago.


just a word of caution to always run any new treatment, herbal or otherwise, by your gp in case of interaction with your med's.


Glad you are feeling better and able to get out and enjoy yourself sweetheart!!! You go girl!!! Beat Fibro's Butt!!!! :) xxxx Mitzi


Aw thank you mitziblue totally exhausted stayed up too late then got a rubbish sleep. Ended up I was late my lecturer was great he sat beside me and went through all that I missed.

I have been asked to help not one but two bands on vocals so I'm excited.

Got to wait 7 weeks for funding "/ but I will work something out.

Had alot of pain weirdly when i have just uped the dosage of gabapentin How's your pain levels today?

Yep we all kick butt haha :) xxxx


two bands? that's well worth getting excited about! you must be good :)


Sorry just noticed your reply hamble99b

One is a rock band and the other is motown. It's great fun :D


oh, if only I had a good voice... :)


Haha I'm sure we could find a spare tambourine for you to have a go on :) lol


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