Hi all so I find it's more painful at night an I'm been thinkin of ways I can distract my self then I though of all of u maybe suffering the same, I hope admin don't mind but how about we find one thing a night we can share, talk about something crazy or we want to do or if we was... if we were somewhere... what's was ur favourite memory or moment, advent or things like that for example the what's could live without fibromyalgia related or fav time of year, it's just a bit of fun to break up our long night thanks for listening love sue xx

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  • Hi Shibby89, I'm whispering....... I think everyone is asleep, but not me, not yet. I'm trying to think of something, maybe lovely holidays when the children were little and we went camping. Lovely bucket and spade holidays on the Welsh coast. I might dream about them if I could just get to sleep🌞

  • Ow yes well I'm been thinkin crackling fires an a windy night, maybe birdsong, don't no if u have heard of it but their is a app u can get on ur phone called sleep app, I have it. It sometimes works but not tonight xx

  • North wales in an ancient rented caravan overlooking the sea. The gas mantles for lighting.

  • Ow beautiful, u have a way of words that makes me feel I am their xx

  • Im back there again thanx to you. I love the sea

  • Lovely idea, I do set myself into certain thoughts of, if I won a million pounds how would I share it out or use it, I also imagine I am someone else ( without pain) walking along a beach with smooth sand, warm water just about reaching my feet. I can hear the waves... My favourite times, on childhood holidays in Yorkshire. And Ireland.

  • Then if it's ok with admin and u would all like to join in, let's set tonight's to what would u do if u was pain free, I would walk along a beach with no shoes and it would be so sunny, warm an peaceful xx

  • Ooooo! A million pounds! I would love to win loads of money, just so I could suprise friends and relatives with big fat cheques! I'd love to see the look on their faces😮😀

  • That is so lovly and kind. What would u do for ur self with that mil x

  • I would give some of that million to two or three charities I have in mind. Then, then I would buy a longed for spacious bungalow. A few cheques to friends and relatives who I know would appreciate them and Maybe a cruise, Right that's sorted, just need the million ! 💷

  • Ur missing one thing........ don't forget me on that cruise lol 😂

  • Welcome any time, sure, I won't be able to manage with out you x

  • I have a bad habit at night instead of sleeping, I think. I hope this has helped u tonight and u. Get to find the sleep fairy. I'm always here for a chat although if I don't answer straight away fingers crossed 🤞 I'm asleep 😴 lol

  • 🐏🐏🐏🙂

  • I use to count sheep but they kept falling over ,the time I picked them up and started again it was morning X

  • For myself, what would I do, apart from the cruise, well as I'm not the average shape, I would need to find an excellent dressmaker to make me some smart clothes, something for every occasion. Oh and of course I would have several wardrobes or a full walkin wardrobe to hang them in X

  • That sounds lovely 😊 xx

  • Mmmm...not sure what I would do for myself. Maybe find a nice warm spa with a warm hydrotherapy pool and people who know how to massage our sore fibro bodies and really not mind me being a fatty😀 I'm too embarrassed to let anyone massage me!

  • That sounds wonderful, my hubby has booked me an a friend into a spa day and I'm a cuddley person to I feel self conscious about my body although the lady in the phone said she has all body types xx

  • I think u may have to treat ur self to a spa day if u can even if u don't win lol 😂

  • Maybe a foot massage/reflexology. My feet are slim😂

  • Going to switch the light off n try to sleep. I think my light is disturbing my other half. Hope everyone gets some sleep, night night?

  • Sleep well night night xx

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