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Pain relief !

Well hi all i finely had my caudal epidural & lumber facet injection. Ive been postponed 3 times one when i was undressed an ready to go :( . But this time yay all whent well , they explained all the op an talked me through it as we went as i was awake through it an lying on my front the gave me a bit of relaxent :) thank god . All we t well

But on geting back home they forgot tell me id have no control over my bladder an bowel . Not a good look an bit scary as wasn't expecting it . On reading the paperwork it said this could b permanent but in most cases it goes back to normal . Thank god i got up this morning after a very tricky night, to find im more or les back to normal . Bit Uncomfortable an in more pain than Usual but this should pas aswell . So fingers crosed it works an i might get some pain relife atlest from my back . X

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Fingers crossed for you ..

VG xx


I hope it goes well for you and eases your pain, hugs..x


Sounds as tho' you're improving - do hope you get much better!

Moffy x


Thank you all ye fingers crossed xxx


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