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re what sleep

morning all or is it , still cant sleep i went to bed again at 12,00 .up at 2.00 ,then 4 .till 5 back to bed up again now ,i really feel fatuge no engery ,no sleep , i went to docs other day and mentioned again about no sleep , she sending me to a sleep clinic which is near me , hope get anwers soon , had to get a new pain pacth up the dose now to 10mg , but still no help , with pain stiffness ,never mind my ankle ,

still waiting for appointment back to see ortherpdic fella he wrote to my doc about getting a splint and fuzing it , ,im petrified ,and scared ,even doc was surprised ,

still no joy on keys ,,so fed up , at mo allso by myself on valatines day ,. .boiler man coming to fix it again this morning ,

enough rant ,,i need a holiday soon befor i crack up xx

gentle hugs and try to keep warm

tinks xx

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Apart from pain med tink are you on any night meds for sleep and extra pain relief, I spent just over 20 years stuck in the circle you mention it's so bad, then my GP decided to try me on a very old and cheap antidepressant along with a very low dose muscle relaxant and I now sleep most nights... Before this I was getting all tense and anxious at night cos I knew I wouldn't sleep and made the problem worse...

Good luck

VG x


hi been on antidepression antriplyne for ages a high dose but never worked , at the moment had to stop tramadol due to having starteded on transdermal patch buprenorphine 10mg . ,iv cut down on everything befor bed and tryed relaxing music , I snore to and told i stop breathing on a night and jumps , i only got 2 hrs last night , even with new pain killers my ankle killing me today ,plus arthritise to ,

doesnt help when snowing out side and cold x

soft hugs

tink x


Amatriptaline was useless for me as was seroxat and fluoxetine , if your antidepressant is having no effect please see your GP I finally found dosulepin very old very cheap and suits me perfectly and I get sleep, so often meds are trial and error,with fibro ....maybe next time you visit your GP it might be worth mentioning as even then the worst days don't seem quite so bad when you have had some sleep

Good luck

VG x


Good morning fibro friend

Have you tried magnesium for sleep irs great. I do all natural stuff

Dr. Tried to put me on both the meds your on but im not will to go to man made stuff yet

Please try magnesium ask a herbalist or a herb store what dose you

Need. Have a great day


Sorry about spelling errors to early lol


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