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Disturbed sleep help!

Hi everyone

Hope everyone is well today. I have a question about sleep. Lately, I've noticed that even a slight disturbance in my sleep can really affect me the next day. I've phoned in sick to work again today because of it so would really like some tips if anyone has any?

I don't normally have any trouble getting off to sleep, I take herbal nytol (probably does nothing!), but then, I seem to be waking too early, like sometimes at 4am even though I'm still tired. I always feel pain and feel a bit queasy for some reason, so normally fall back to sleep but then wake up too late still feeling in pain and queasy and then the morning routine (just me getting myself ready for work) is all messed up because one thing I need in the mornings is time and if I wake late it's a problem.

Aaaaaaaaargh! So if anyone has any tips or can at least tell me whether this is normal I'd be very grateful.

Thank youuu :)

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I M guessing you have fibro.... For me sleep was impossible cat napping for over 20 years... Then a year ago my gp and the pain clinic worked out a combination of meds that work. Wonderfully and I sleep for 7 hours a night.. My gp says too much nytol is not a good idea as I was doing like you going for 2 weeks of little sleep then taking nytol I am taking a very old cheap antidepressant dosulepin 75mg plus 0.5 mg clonezapam other people on here take different it's just what suits you.. But I get sleep so i am a happy bunny. I would suggest a visit to your gp and explain what you are doing to get sleep and see if he can offer a better alternative

Good luck

VG xx


your GP should give you anti-depressants to help you sleep, sounds odd i know but they work. can't promise you a good nights sleep but they're better than sleeping pills etc. also other meds should make you drowsey, i take mine an hour b4 bed then i seem to sleep.


Ok thanks both. I would prefer to avoid anti depressants if I can, so perhaps will try some other things first :)


My friend tried Melatonin. I think you can get it on the internet but not tried it myself.


I was prescribed pregablin which is meant to help anxiety, nerve pains fibromyalgia,and that helps me to sleep I wont take anti depressants.. I find a winding down routine before going to bed helpful..also waiting until I am really really tired.... I found that I really need the smallest dose as anything more makes me drowsy next day ..maybe because I am taking nitrazepam which is the last thing to have as it is addictive ..anyway they dont prescribe it any more Hot baths are good..and breathing from diaphragm very slowly just before you hopefully sleep ...Dr Claire Weeks has a very good cassette or CD. called Good Night and Good Morning...


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