I have fited into my size 16s yeahhhh

Since my internet broke i have been on slimming world and i have lost 1.5 st. I cant beleive it as when i was last on i weighed nearly 15 st and i was trying to loose weight but i couldnt do it. I thought it was to do with my meds and i was so upset as i really wanted to loose the weight. I wont say on here what i actually said to my partner lol.

I am so happy that i can loose weight and i am on a mission to make myself as healthy as i can. It has helped a litttle with fibro but not much but i just feel so much healthier. I grab fruit instead of biscuits now lol.

Hugs and love, kel xxxxx

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  • Congratulations well done you a terrific achievement keep going x ginx

  • Thankyou. :) i will keep going xxxxx

  • What's ginx?

  • congratulations.im trying to kick the sweet tooth now.ive been on a no red meat,no wheat,carbos,etc for months.so huge congrats.well done.keep it up but dont go to slim hey.x

  • Thankyou, i have a long way until i go too slim lol. Its the sweet tooth that gets me too, way too many biscuits lol. xxxx

  • Well done Kel

    Julie xx

  • Thankyou julie xxxxx

  • well done!!!

    i really need to do something about my weight also its a rollercoaster ride as its up n down...but unfortunately when is on the up its baack to the weight i waas and then some :( i am not using it aas an excuse but like some when im in pain i comfort eat and although i eat fruit and salads etc i do grab anything for quickness sometimes. on the reverse side of that sometimes i cant eat because i feel sick but tend to make myself eat cause i need some sort of energy......can anyone relate to this?

    i have been to slimming world before and i enjoy that one so i might just do it myself as really dont have the money to go to the class join it again and the weekly class fee!

    keep up the good work

    hugs x :D

  • Thankyou, i didnt have the money when i started but nothing else was working and i just kept getting bigger. But its the happiest i have been for a long time. :)

    Yes i do make myself eat when i have my sickly days, but usually fruit now and little snacks. I hate feeling sick and i always hope that food will stop me feeling sick, but it doesnt always work like that lol. This diet is hard for just being able to grab something quick unless i stand and cook loads then freeze it but i just cant do that.

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • have you tried sin free chips? you can cut the potatoes into chips shapes or wedges or and shape that you want keep the skins on or peel them! par boil them for about 10 mins

    then but them in an oven proof dish or tray (you can spray with spray cal i think its called) sprinkle them with salt n pepper and i add parprika on them too at about 190-200 for about 20-25 mins and they are scrum-diddly-umptious!!! also freezeable but only when youve par boiled them lol

    i usually get loads of fruit and chop them up (time consuming i know and an effort or get someone else to do it or by the pre chopped up or sliced ones) and i pick at them once done also muller lights are free or low value in sins. blueberries are great and they are a super fast fruit too so nice added into a muller light sin free snack and you dont have to cut or chop these!!!

    i will try and think of some other things that is quik and can just grab for you!

    i have loads of recipies and some curries that are low in sins i think i will look them out and once i have my scanner set up to my lap top instead of my pc i will ask you for email address and i will email them to you ( if you like curries they are great for parties and give me an idea of what other foods you like) but some of them may have some sin values but were free so you would need to check first!

    keep up the good work and i may try it again soon as in monday as theres not point starting so close to the weekend is there!!!???? :D


    tinks :D x x

  • Thankyou tinks,

    I have had the chips they are soo nice and i live on muller lights lol.

    I do thegreen days as extra easy wasnt loosing me much weight so i tried the green and its working so far. :)

    I need to try the curries and lasagna, but i struggle making proper teas as i cant stand for long periods.

    My stomach is playing up big time at the minute, so i have to be careful so i dont upset that too.

    My weigh in day is monday night and i have to save most of my syns for my vodka on a sat night lol.

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • afternoon Kel

    i know this may sound silly but have you tried sitting down whilst perparing the food....i do it as if i stand for any length of time my legs start to shake.

    im sure when i was first diagnosed with having ibs and then later to have gall stones that the doctors and consultants used to think i was mad because i used to tell them that as much as i loved salads and fruit that they could flare up my ibs especially oranges!! sometimes wish that i still had my gall bladder and stones and that i could tolerate the pain (as i have to do it with fm) so that i stayed the same weight that i was when they were removed!! could eat what i wanted and it didnt matter still lost weight :( but i sadly didnt and put all 4 or 5 stone back on again and a wee bit more!!

    i cant handle a drink anymore so just dont drink although i may have a glass of red wine every now and again lol gone are my wodka days (drinking vodka with water because my friend and i had ran out of mixer even the thought of it gives me the boak)

    just keep doing what your doing as its obviuosly working for you but i can still have a wee loook for the recipes if you want so just give me a shout (as of from tuesday i will be back at work so will be on here in the evening if im not too tierd and at the weekends)

    gentle hugs xx :D

  • omg that makes me boak too. I drink vodka but with diet lemonade or diet coke lol. Water is just minging lol.

    I have heard you can have lasagna with passata and quark. I dont know how to make this and what else you can put in the sauce to make it tastey, so if you have a receipe for that i would love it pls.

    Hugs, kel xxxx

  • I do this with my chips its great I do like you do but sometime I soak them in a bag with olive oil and a little chille flakes take the boring taste away I also eat very healthy but have trouble losing weight I only have to look at bread and I put on the lbs any tips and I also would appreciate them love and hugs

  • I love bread, that was my down fall too. I have cut it out completly because if i have one i want more. Chocolate is my down fall too, my sweet tooth is terrible. I just wish i was one of them people who can eat what they want and not put on a lb, i have never been like that.

    I live on salads, savoury rice, omelettes, muller lite yogurts, and fruit. I have melon every morning as its a super speed fruit, jacket potatoes and the big thing i need to have is frylight. I have to use that instead of any oils and fats. I actually like the frylight better than oil.

    I go for short walks too.

    Hugs, kel xxxx

  • I/m exactly the same as you. Cant eat salada because of inflammed bowel. Have to analyise everything I eat. Looked in the fridge the other day. There was loads of food in there but nothing that suited me. Chicken pieces,but they were frozen and I was too tired to stand a cook them so did a large baked potato which was quite filling. I also eat sometimes because I feel nauseaus. Have a packet of cream crackers or biscuits in my dressing room drawer so that when I take a painkiller on wakingas I cannot take it on an empty stomach.And on the days I,m having a really bad time with my bowel I only drink water and eat crackers. Cant lose an ounce in weight unless I really starve myself and exercise is a no-no with the pain I am in and can hardly walk now so going for a stroll is out of the question.

    No exactly what you mean.

  • glad I am not the only one by the way I mean this in a nice way I also only lose weight if I starve I also suffer with my bowels and have to watch what I eat and also I can not eat a lot of fruit6 as the acid brings me out in blotches and also makes my pain worse mind you I would not mind being overweight if I had no fatigue and pain love and Hugs XXXXXX

  • Same here love. All fruit has to be peeled,also no oranges because of the citric acid and what's more no alcohol. Not fair is it. Used to be a regular on Thorntons websit but dont even look at it now in case I'm tempted. Also no chocolate. Ate a couple of Kit-Kats a few days ago. Next morning on the phone to the doctor as I couldn't stand the pain,so back to bread and water. Would have done well in prison in the old days!! Could have done the sentence standing on my head!! Why I dont lose weight I dont know.. Like you, I would rather be overweight than go through the extrutiating pain I put up with every day. Not worth worrying about really is it.

    Take care.

    Avril, Liverpool

  • hi and welldone you that is such an achievement and you must be so very proud of yourself you keep it up my friend has lost 6 stone she just crossed the 6 stone barrier last week it has taken her about 18 months but she is now running 5k with her personal trainer as she joined the gym and in sept it is her 25th wedding anniversary she has booked a party and she is having a dress especially made it is costing her £300 but she wants people to have the shock of their lives when she walks in so you keep on gong and the more you lose the more you will want to lose keep us all updated

    but please dont wory if you are nauhgty or you stay the same for a couple of weeks my friend has had al this but she has got through it every now and then she just wants to eat and she goes mad for few days then she gets back into the healthy mode again so gold star for you love diddle xxxx

  • Thankyou diddle,

    I am quite strict to myself until i get back down to a size 12/14, then i will take it day by day but i just hope i wont slip back into my old ways. I would love to shock everyone, i think i might when i start taking the kids back to school, as not many people have seen me over the summer hols. Your friend has done fab.

    Hugs, kel xxxx

  • yes she has and you are on the way to doing the same so keep it up my other friend has a pic of herself when she met her husband on the bread bin sh was a size 10/12 and thats her insentive lol so maybe get a pic of you or get one cropped on the computer ofyour idealkl figure and put it on the fridge love diddle x

  • well done, I have lost 3.half stone with slimming world since may 2010, I find cos of my mobility and lack of excersie it's been very slow I am 7lb from my target, but that last 7lb is not shifting , I wish you well with your weight loss best thing is to stay in group to image therepy

    take care netta

  • Thankyou netta, Well done you too. :)

    I do stay to the therapy as much as i can, but our group is massive and it takes ages and when you have kids needing in bed i feel guilty stopping everyweek.

    You keep up the good work and i hope you get that last 7lb shifted but you have done fab.

    Hugs, kel xxxx

  • Wells done, I am also on a mission to lose weight and so good we can encourage each other x

  • Thankyou,

    Yeah we can encourage each other. :)

    I just feel so much better health wise with getting the weight off, so hopefully by the end my knees might not hurt as much, i hope.

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • Congratulations that's wonderful, now teach me how to do it lol! ;)

  • Thankyou, liberty :)

    Its easier than i thought and i just dont wanna go back there if i can help it.

    hugs, kel xxx

  • i am really chuffed for you jaz,if nota little jealous, lol, you must be over the moon, well done you! :) x

  • Thankyou, i am i just hope i can get down to a healthy weight. hugs, kel xxxx

  • well done,according to my rheumy losing weight is one way to break the fibro cycle and will certainly make you feels beeter....sounds like you are in the 'zone' so your goal is so achievable.congrats to u XX

  • Thankyou, I do feel better but it doesnt help with the pain. Fibro still gets me but i am so much happier within myself. :)

    Hugs, kel xxxx

  • I've lost 3.5 stone but I also have struggled. With the last7 pounds and I gave up going to group,I just couldn't stand it,they weren't very friendly,stayed in their own little cliques. I suddenly couldn't face it anymore.ive already put on 4 pounds im craving food like there's no tomorrow,pretty sure I am addicted to sugar still but have been getting my fix throu fruit. I'm am so scared of putting it all back on,actually scared isn't the word I am terrified but I can't seem to keep my willpower going I was getting lower and lower in myself. I'm still having slimming world meals but my syn intake has shot up much to my horror,I can't seem to get a hold of it. I'm down to a size 12 don't need my mobility scooter so much but I don't feel good at all :(

    But I really hope you can have more success than me,a lot of people do and you have done great so far. It just shows that you can loose weight with fibromyalgia,I think it's keeping it off that's a big problem. I go to the gym and I am learning to ride a horse and I walk my dogs and I'm still putting weight back on!!!

  • You have done so well, that is a massive acheivement. That is what i am scared of, putting it back on. It was my little ones birthdayyesterday and i couldnt resist the choc cake, bad person i am lol. Its bank holiday weekend too so i will be having two nights of vodka. That is what i save my syns up for, but its usually just one night a week.

    I so hope you can get back into it, I know how you feel about the group though. I go with two friends and i dont stop unless one of them stop with me.

    Hugs, kel xxxx

  • Hi Kel,I think it's the pressure of watching everything you eat all the time and I think I needed a break. My friend left SW a few months ago as she wasn't loosing weight and I felt pretty out of it once she and a few others left and I'm not overly keen on the woman who runs it. She told me that people like me and you with chronic illnesses are no different to any one else when it comes to loosing weight!!! I beg to differ!!!! Yes we can loose weight but boy does it take it out of us. I do advocate loosing weight with any health condition but it's no cure,I'm in as much pain as I was to start with but my energy levels have improved and I am ale to do more than I used to that's why I really want to keep it off. I am actually going to see a nutritionist soon as I think I need proper individual guidance on what I need to eat and what I need to stop eating and she also deal with thyroid problems too. Hopefully a new plan will get me back on track. I hope you don't think I'm trying to put you off cos I'm not,you are doing brill but please watch the amount of aspartame you eat as in muller lights as its sooooo bad for you,that's something I don't agree with on SW and that's why I'm seeing a nutritionist to get the most optimum diet I can without pesticides or other nastys. When you have a chronic illness it's vital to remove stuff like this from your diet.

  • well done that is great x

  • How did you loose weight?

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