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Why is the pain back

Why is my hip killing me again, it was only a few days ago I was worried that I had problems withdrawing from oramorph as I wasn't taking it very often as my pain levels had gone down

But the pains are back not only in hip but also fingers, wrists, shoulders, back and knees.

I feel very fed up as I had had a couple of almost pain free days and for the pain to be back has thrown me. I thought maybe I was getting better but if today's anything to go by I am no better just more depressed than before. Really don't know where to turn for help

Saw a Rheumatologist a while ago and had MRI of hip and back but that was two months ago and still no results ( have chased a couple of times)

The pain is what defines me again part of me wishes I didn't have the couple of good days as it has made me worse now

Sorry for moaning xxxx

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That's the awful thing about fibro - it varies so much!

Just when you think you're better, it gets worse again. Don't deny yourself adequate pain relief - it might be worth going back to your GP for a change of medication.

I take quite large doses of pain- killers, which I was not keen on until I realised that it made my life a lot easier.

One thing I can recommend, as I have found a marked improvement, is to take cod liver oil capsules, and a Vit B complex supplement. I don't know if this would help you, but it wouldn't harm you to try as these are only food supplements. To be very safe, check with your pharmacist about the correct dose for you. It takes about 3 weeks to show a result, and it helps with IBS too, if you get that.

I also find that no matter how bad I feel, I improve if I can manage a little gentle exercise. Some days it's no more than lying on the bed and having a really good stretch, like a cat - but whatever you do, it has to be regular.

Over time I think we learn lots of little tricks which all together can make our lives very much better.

It's good you can come here and have a moan - we all do it, and we understand how you feel.

Hope you get some relief soon - keep in touch and let us know how you're getting on!

Best Wishes

Moffy x


Thank you so much for answering it means a lot not to feel completely alone

I will give the cod liver oil and vit b a try as it can't hurt and I am at the point I will try most things already take fish oils

I try to explain to friends how much it hurts but bless them but they don't have a clue

Never mind going to find my bed and with the help of a shopful of pillows and pain killers i am going to try and get comfortable

Caroline xxxx


Not much if anything I can add to ladymoths post except to agree to keep up with meds I have tried dropping mine.. missing a dose if I feel good and bang it often comes back to bite me and then the pain is worse and I have to build up again , I know many of us hate taking meds but if they work and give us better quality of life it's best to bite the bullet , well tablet and take them. IF you are worried about side effects or having withdrawal symptoms please got to your GP and talk this over .. Worry and stress can make your symptoms feel so much worse

VG x


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