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swollen face

Hi all wanted to share with u something that happened to me yest and wondered if anyone else has experienced it. i get random pain in my face or jaw at times but this wa weird! i was literally eating a sandwich and all of a sudden it was like something burst on the left side, and a massive lump or swelling bulged out on left side o my face from under my ear down to my neck! no pain just numb and sqishy to touch. felt really weird and was promenent to c and touch. tk a while to go an sort of restricted my mouth opening for a little while?

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Have you spoken to a doctor? Ive never heard of that happening maybe some1 on here my have. Is it still there? xx


I would see a doctor about this, and soon. Any new symptoms should be checked out by a doctor, but this is not something that could be a symptom of Fibro.


Hi Guys

thanx for the replies, im due to see doc on friday, as weve been battling with high BP for some reason! ive been off my pregab for 4wks now as had a weird rash and swelling come up when i went to prague in dec!

trying to estabish if its the med or something else. mind u back to full on feelilng all the aches and pains now, just managing on tramadol, amytrip, baclofen, paracetomol plus a high does losartan for the bp.

but in answer yes it has gone down a bit today, but do have a weird dizzy spell on if i bend down, plus been having a on /off metal taste. god i just love this condition, u never know if it is a side sympton or something new eh!!


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