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Numb face???

I have this feeling this morning of a tingling left side of my face....what is that all about. Not experienced it before!!! I can still feel it, just wondering if this is a type of migrane aura??

Anyway i am off to meditation, really can't be bothered to go, but only doing it so I can tell my employers I have done everything possible to make me better....they believe doing meditation will make me better, all it does is give me a bad neck, back and head. However the good side is that I sometimes fall asleep!!!.....that isn't quite the point though!!!

Hope you all are feeling ok ( Sorry i say this, but I know you are not)....but I like to be positive!!! Wish you all a good day and ctach up with you all later xx

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You have neck issues that are not being well treated, don't you? This could be nerve impingement in your neck. You should probably get it checked by a doctor. Are you seeing or have you seen a consultant about your neck? If not, your GP might think a referral worthwhile. If not, seeing a good osteopath skilled in myofascial techniques and experienced in Fibro might be helpful to get your neck assessed and treated.


Hi lindsay....Yes I do hae neck problems. I have seen an ortho surgeon however every professional I see has a lack of interest the problem is my MRI is normal, so it's almost just dealing with the pain and because I holdthe pain fairly well and maybe not always express myself very well I don't think they think I am as bad as I am. I have had manipulation under GA, but that didn't help!!!. I see a chiropractor and he releases nerves, mainly my occipital. Maybe an apt is necessary, he seems to know more than my GP anyway.

I am off to see my GP on friday hopefully as I need to discuss other issues. Boy this illness gets tiring doesn't it!!!



Hi Rach. You may well be better off seeing an osteo and also getting physio (or doing physio yourself) to help manage probable PC3.


sorry to hear about the bad head. your neck probs are most likely impingeing on things. I get that from osteo of the neck :( hands on therapies definitely help if you can afford them.

hope you have a better day.


hi i have had that before but never know if it is neuralgia or to do with fibro its horrible though a really weird sensation. hope it gets better soon for you love to yoy diddle xxx


Hi Rach, i have never had that before, i hope you find out the cause, keep us all informed.

Keep your chin up ( if it isnt too numb ) hehehe :)



Hi rach, my chin goes numb all the time, it feels like i have had an injection from the dentist init, if that makes sense lol.

kel xxx


Lindsay, what is PC3??

My numbness and tingling has gone now!!! Thanks guys xx


Hi Everyone, I'm new to the site, had to comment on the tingly/numb face. I get this a lot and it does feel like you have had an injection and its wearing off from the dentist. My tongue and lips do the same. Is this part of the Fibro do you think? Thanks


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