Swollen and in pain

Hi everyone, hope you all having better day than me, for the last few days i am in agony,waking up very swollen mostly hands and face, my back is killing me for a while now, strugglewith my daily routine 😔 i work in the kitchen and i am in charge of everything,today it was really hard, my hands are just out of control, i keep dropping things, i even dropped the pudding on one of the pupils (sorry)

O am off to gp soon to increase gabapentin dose or preferably to change it to something different as i don't reall fancy put more weight on!

Ps. I love this forum everyday learn something new, and iv got someone who understands my pain!

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  • My hands are really sore. They are so sensitive.

    I'm trying to get out of doing the washing up. Ha.

  • Lucky you 😉 even with mu sore hands i still have to do the job

  • Well I try anyway ;)

    He does the cat litter tray...

  • Hello JustynaFitt it sounds as though you are going through a bit of a bad patch. Do you have arthritis as well as fibro? This could affect your grip.

    Dropping things seem to occur as a symptom to many fibromites, including me. I am not sure whether it is the lack of concentration or the lack of feeling and sensation in our hands.

    It is obviously troubling you so I think you are wise to bring it up with your doctor.

    He may change you to Pregabelin as this seems the next drug on the list. This also causes some weight gain but members are prepared to take it for the relief it gives.

    Try not to stress too much about this, as it can delay your recovery from this flare.


  • Hi, iv been tested for RA my gp said is raised but when i went to see the reumatologist she said that doesn't mean iv got it? Confused a bit 😐 thank u

  • Hi JustynaFitt I see you have recently joined when I wasn't here, so welcome ☺ I'm pleased you are getting lots of needed info from the forum. I'm sorry you are having all the pain with your hands, I get very painful hands & fingers I get lots if numbness, pins n needles & very painful, I'm always dropping things & can't lift anything up like pots n pans with anything in them, so i know the feeling well my friend.

    I do immerse them in hot water sometimes to help pain because they do get cold. I also have hand warmers which are great. I have Movelat Gel which I rub into fingers, this helps too.

    Let us know how you get on when you GP.

    Luv Jan xx

  • Hello 😊 yes i joined in recently, really enjoy the group, thank you.

    Regarding my hands my are completely opposite feels like they are on fire and swollen.

  • Yes mine can be like that too, but I also suffer with Polymyagia and its more arthritis because my fingers are bent in places. Sometimes when my fingers swell like this, I can not pick even a cup up or take a cap off a bottle, just the lightest if touch is very painful.

    I also get this in my feet and toes and like you say, feel on fire, again my toes & ankles get extremely swollen, twice there size.

    I have nerve damage in my feet & i get all sorts of pain, even under my nails, toes & fingers.

    The forum is great isn't it, I have learned more on here than I've ever learned from doctors or specialists.

    Luv Jan xx

  • Hi Justin. Im so sorry you are suffering so much. It really is hard. I have really bad hand and arm pain atm but last week i was with numb hands. Ive had some bloods done monday so waiting to see what they show. I have Lupus,fibromyalgia and antiphosphilipid syndrome. I take prednisilone, amitriptyline, hydroxychloroquine, asprin,and naproxen. These are standard i have others but try not to take too many. I find it so hard because i dont know what is lupus and what is the fibro 😢😢

  • Oh no sorry to hear that you got other things on top of the fibro, i should call myself lucky, iv noticed when the weather change i suffer much more from all sort of pains etc

    Hope u feel a bit better soon x

  • Yes i do feel a difference with the weather but im usually good at this time of year.

    Thankyou, you take care xx

  • Hi JustynaFitt

    So sorry to here you are in such pain I think having pain in my hands is a nightmare as the things I enjoy doing always involved the computer. I do hope you get some relief from your pain and get the relief you need from new medication

    Good luck my friend

  • Thank you, i used to enjoy craft etc but even sitting down for too long its killing me err

    Good luck to you

  • Hi JustynaFitt

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this my friend and swellings of this nature and not typical of Fibro. It could be that you have a touch of arthritis and / or Oedema. I have pasted an excerpt below from the *Medical News Today cache:

    *Edema: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments. Edema is swelling caused by fluid retention - excess fluid is trapped in the body's tissues. ... Swelling caused by edema commonly occurs in the hands, arms, ankles, legs and feet. It is usually linked to the venous or lymphatic systems.6 Jul 2015

    It is always best to have anything like this checked out just to remove other medical conditions from the equation. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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