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stomach pressure

does anyone have pressure on their ribs and stomach i have had rib probs since oct 2011 and no reason given, i still have this and now pressure on my stomach in the centre of my abdomen which leaves me struggling if I have walked uphill or steps.i know I don't have IBS as I haven't had any diarrheoa or constipation and bowels are normal.i yesterday told my dr that the pain had spread to my groin area as had the lipomas.he did arrange for referral fro gallstones.

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Oh thank goodness for that you are getting a referral re the gallstones... If you get them out I am sure it will help my OH and I have never. Regretted it the pains with them are awful... I am now on a short course of steroids to try to suppress the inflammation of my arthritis as I can't take any anti inflammatories and I have found they make my stomach bloat and press on my lowest rib actually quite uncomfortable when pottering round the house... Are you on any meds that might cause this... I am sticking with it as I have been told the steroids are a temporary treatment so am guessing I will return to normal as I stop them

Good luck with the referral

Hugs VG x


hi VG

thanks for your reply.i don't know how long i'll have to wait and assume I will see a consultant

first before op.i still don't entirely believe this will sort everything as have had other probs a lot longer .assume when they thought I ahd angina it was actually the gallstones-I could have had them since sept without knowign.i am only taking paracetemol for pain ,omeprazole ,imipramine and fluoxetine.i do hope gallbladder removal will sort some of probs out .I dotn want them to but I hope they find something else that will be a reason for my probs-ie tumour/cyst?

today I have pain in my groin and pressure in the centre of my upper abdomen

feel like I still don't get all the answers as to why I have pain in my groin,pressure and why I never feel hungry.

damn this fibro ,I can not hit the right keys.


Chase up the referral if you don't hear within a week or so Anbuma, hopefully it won't be long to wait for you my dear. You need to be seen as soon as possible, also it's bound to be a worry for you. Take one step at a time and keep your finger on the pulse regarding chasing all this up, to avoid getting lost or delayed in the system.

Wishing you all the very best.

Best wishes and hugs. xx



thank you libs.i don't know where i'd be without the support of my friends here.


did the GP give you a diet sheet ? my Mum has had to cut out all fatty food as it makes the pain much worse , no op for her too many health implications x


hello irisjoy

no he didn't.teh rheumatologist suggested I see a dietician back in November but I don't eat fatty foods.i don't eat cakes biscuits or puddings and at for the last few months t all i can eat is cereal fro breakfast and a small meal at midday.i hardly ever fry foods and cook almost everything in the oven,

when I saw my dr on Friday my stomach had grown another 2-3 " and was much harder around my belly s known fact that drs don't recognize ovarian cysts/cancer and this has been proved as a woman in her 50 s recently passed away from this as her scans were normal and drs ddint recognize she had cancer.



You seem to suggest that you have multiple Lipomas, is that right? The NHS information says that it is very rare to have more than 1 or 2, unless you have an inherited condition causing them:

Are you confident that these have been correctly diagnosed?


I was told they were lipomas, I would describe them as painful ,hard ,pea sized lumps and they start in abdomen and now spread to groin area.


I looked at the websites and the second one lists all parts of the body except abdomen.if it cannot be just lumps/lipomas what are the lumps I can feel ?could it be the surface of a cyst or tumour?


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