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My first post after recently being diagnosed

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Hi everyone! Hope this post ends up where it should, I'm new here :D I thought i'd share my story so far, and I have the tendency to waffle when I type, so I apologise in advance! A few days ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. This year has been a really big struggle as I've never really had any problems with my health, so this was very unusual for me to comprehend. I'd gone through a placement at university which I really struggled with because of the constant viruses I was getting, the really low energy levels, tiredness and unusual pain all over my body. Once my placement finished, my frequent visits to the doctors began and the fight to try and find out what was going on with my body began. I managed to finish second year at uni, and was so pleased I did. Since then, the severity of my symptoms has massively increased, and I am experiencing so much more now. The wait for the appointment with my rheumatologist was so long, but was definitely worth it as I finally got answers! These few days have been so overwhelming and I feel that the diagnosis is still sinking in, but I've started looking into how I can ease all of my symptoms and to help me through my third year at university. This year, and the rest of my time with fibromyalgia is going to be tough, but it's made me realise that I, and everyone else with the condition, is so strong!

Sorry again that was quite long!

I'd like to know what other people do and find ease their symptoms and just to speak to people in the same boat :)

7 Replies

Hello 88Rach and welcome to the forum. In the future you may wish to lock your posts to protect your and other members privacy, here is a link on how to,

After being diagnosed it can feel a little overwhelming. They are many ways in which people can help ease some of their symptoms. I'm sure other members will have suggestions too.

Try to pace yourself as much as possible. Over excertion can cause symptoms to flare up. You will get to know what is right for you as time goes on.

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Hi! Ah thank you, I knew I’d end up making a mistake 🙈 I’ll be sure to do that next time!

That’s a good idea, I’ll be sure to pace myself, I might get a symptom tracker to see what triggers certain symptoms!

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Well done for wanting to stay positive😊As another reply states, pacing yourself is key . I have found gentle yoga absolutely central to getting through the day. Especially yoga Nidra which is incredibly restorative. Meditation too helps keeps me centred. Learn to listen to what your body is telling you and work with it. I did go through a period of mourning for the person I was but I’ve learned to adapt to the new me instead of fighting against the change. I wish you well for the future🙏😊

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My boyfriend is planning on helping me out with some yoga so I don’t have to do it alone, which I’m sure will help me out! Thank you for your advice. I’ve been the same too, I’ve been finding it difficult to accept that I won’t be like how I was, but since living with all these symptoms I’ve still been able to do so much and make so many positive memories. Thank you, same goes to you too 😊

Sorry you’re having to deal with this when you should be enjoying your time at Uni.

How you’ve described your run up to diagnosis is exactly the same as me. I was convinced there was something wrong with my immune system as I kept getting “bugs” ( as I thought) that caused headaches, washed-out feeling, aches and pains.

All I can advise re Uni work is to get your dr to communicate via letter to your tutor how fibro affects you. Universities, colleges and schools have to make far more provision with students with health needs than they did back in my day, but they can’t help you if they don’t know. Get a college counsellor on board perhaps so he/she can help you as an advocate if necessary.

Good luck with the rest of your course.

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Thank you for your advice! I feel like my body was so rundown before all the other symptoms started up, which was also really effecting my work! My university have been so understanding and have put me in different arrangements etc. I’ve also got the opportunity to take up counselling there, which now I’ve been diagnosed I think I’m going to take the offer up. Thank you! 😊

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Thank you for your reply! I will be sure to check those channels out!

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