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Hi all

I haven't been on here in a long time however over the last 2-3 months I've got worse and wanted to ask if anyone else feels like this? I was managing ok but seem to be on a down hill slide. The pains, the fog, the fatigue and I just don't know what to do anymore. Recently I was on holiday in Florida where it's not normally as bad a the warm air helps but this time there was a few days I couldn't even get out of bed and other days the fatigue and pain was so bad I couldn't walk anymore and if I tried to carry on I would only walk a couple of metres and would vomit.

Anyway thanks for listening! Xx

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  • So sorry you are feeling so bad - its a roller coaster thing this fibro and sad that your holiday in the sun was compromised too - when you look forward to something its hard when you have to be in bed or curtail things. I hope the pains, the fog and fatigue ease up for you sometime soon. But good for you for going - I get scared about booking anything in advance - got a weeks holiday in September - hoping I can do the walking or just sitting around comfortably. The pains I counter with meds and magnesium baths - thank goodness this works for me. The fatigue I kinda live with as this is my third fatiguing illness I have had over 30 odd years. But I do all I can to sleep well as I know this is best for my body. The fog is tricky and I have had to stop working so much as a trainer - standing up there without knowing what to do or say next can get embarassing!!! And nearly poured tea from a pot into the jam I am making this morning.

    I've had bronchitis for the last month and that doesn't go well with fibro - coughing and chest pains on top of fibro rib pain is just lovely - now feeling a bad flare up on the way - don't really know how to tackle it as its different every time. I do try loads of different things though and have an arsenal of meds, alternative meds and approaches for all this throws at me - learning what works for me so that I feel a little in control some of the time. Hope you have a back up system to help you through till the pain and all eases up - it will.

    Sending you lots of warm wishes.

    Ann x

  • Morning sorry to hear that ive been on site a few weeks now my symptoms have generally got worse the last few months how long have you had the fibro are you working etc yes it's hard when it goes into days and your laid up what sort of help are you getting from your doctor everything seems to be trial and error when it comes to medication but the people on our forum seem to get the right meds to help I'm not quite there yet had it for 7years but like a lot of people gettin the rite doctor etc to diagnos and move you forward I'm laid up again today all I did was a little swim with my granddaughter yesterday.

  • I've had it about 5 years but your right about getting the right doctor. One doctor I've had since I was 18 months old and his very old school so just tells me I'm depressed! I haven't found anything that really works yet. I work full time and have 2 small children. I'm going to try and get a doctors appointment this week and hopefully be feeling better soon. X

  • Hi, yes for me my fibro has definitely got worse over time, don't have any good days , I'm always tired and have pain all the time, apparently it's not ment to be progressive but for lots of us it definitely has been xx

  • Thanks for replying. I'm pleased to hear it's not just me xx

  • Yes that sounds familiar I think for a long time I was coming out of surgery with tablets. They found out why I was so low I had sleep apnea after that I thought okay let's crack on with life but kept on with symptoms luckily I got doc at surgery that's very good. Now waiting on list to check for cfs me as get chronic fatigue from excercise also. Hope that appointment goes well I'd made notes last time and will again this week as sometimes you get out of the surgery and missed out a question I'm learning from fibro family on here too best wishes let me know how you get on xxx pat yourself on the back full time job and 2 small children well done you

  • Thanks for replying I can relate so much to the exercise the smallest amount knocks me out. Thanks for the idea to write it down it will probably be a while before I get an appointment with a doctor that understands so think I will keep a diary of how I'm feeling. Had a minor breakdown in work today and hoping I don't have a full one in front of my manager. This site is great because people know how you feel xx

  • Sorry to hear yes keep notes thats handy you are juggling a lot with work and the children could you be signed off work for awhile just to have some time out I'm hoping you've support from family ? Let me know how you are getting on I'm listening love yasmintina xxx

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