Hi folks, I know it's been a while but with one thing and another, well I have now been diagnosed with diverticulitis on top of the fibromyalgia I was wondering if anyone else has this problem and how do you cope?

My fibro has not been too bad for a short time but now it's like my body is getting to used to the drugs, I'm on they don't seem to be working the same, I'm on tramadol 400mg daily amatriptoline 30mg at night fluoxetine can't remember the dose. The pain is getting so bad again the soles of my feet hurt like mad, pain in my face, basically I just hurt all over, and in bed I'm finding it hard to turn over with the pain.

My husband is still finding it hard to accept and when I say I'm in pain he throws his eyes in the air and doesn't say a word, I'm beginning to feel increasingly less mobile and in severe pain . I think I need some kind of aid when I'm out, my balance ain't great at times, but with my husband being the way he is I'm afraid to mention it to him, I think I know what he will be saying, get a grip you don't need!! Which ever aid I decide to get, I'm referring myself to phisio to see what there advice will be. Thanks for listening rant over.


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  • I know how you feel my feet are numb , my calf mussials go rock hard pian all over including my face arms fingers I feel for you Iv got Fibro so they say This other thing hell I don't know x

  • Just try your best to do what you can! I wish I could have words of wisdom for you! Listen to your body and to your phisio they do help. Try to educate your hubby get some information on fibro and all other health problems you may have. Hugs

  • Hi, Lizzie ~ I have diverticulitis, and a close friend of mine had it also ... The main thing I do trying to cope is watch my diet, and she did too, before a surgical colon re-section corrected her problem. It was suggested that I avoid nuts, and really fibrous foods, as well as foods (strawberries, etc.) with seeds ... Many of the foods that are usually really good for you can irritate this problem.

    As you can imagine, diverticulitis, added to the IBS that can go along w/ Fibro, can cause great distress. One good thing is that the opioids I'm on for pain have the effect of causing constipation ... which leaves me somewhere in the middle ~ SOMETIMES. The mystery is: I never know when ...

    I hope you get some relief, and can find some way to make your husband understand about your pain. A number of people on here have great info on Fibro, and how serious it is. There are links on the forum's "mother site" ... I would suggest printing some of this and giving it to him, so that maybe he is informed of your illness and pain. It is not to be scoffed at ~

    For now, Lizzie, sending gentle hugs your way, so that you can learn to deal with this new and added issue ... bk

  • There are the great words of wisdom I wish I had!

  • Regno ... you so often reach out from deep within your heart and soul with comforting words and strength. I have noted the reassurance and compassion you are able to show everyone, and I know it comes from your experiences and pain ~ extreme pain you've lived.

    I often wonder how you do it: reaching out, day and night ~ on UK's clock, then "ours" ~ yours & mine ~ and our other fellow Americans.

    Your words are truly "words of wisdom" ... and well received! bk

  • That's because of insomnia!!! I try to help and give support to many people. I visit this site often to help people that don't realize that helping others is a way to help yourself. So I am just helping myself!!!

    All joking aside fibro will beat you up, run over you and thing back up and do it again. You know I was born with it. I was tested and tested some more. From 7-13 I went several times a week to be tested. At that time they didn't know what it was or what it was going to do to my body.

    Then from 25-35 they tested me again. I went through the test in hopes that it might help others. It was around that time they come up with a name for it. The results were is its not deadly. Just makes you feel like the walking dead some days.

    It's because of the time I have spent with doctors that I truly want them to find a cure. I know they are trying very hard to do just that. Peace be with you and thank you so much for your very kind words they mean a lot to me.

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling in this way, and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck. I know first hand how painful Diverticulitis can be, as I was diagnosed with this not long back. I was having all kinds of lower abdominal pain and a feeling like my stomach was jumping into my lungs if I tried to bend over. I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Google Fibro and print it out for your husband to read. He needs to be educated on your daily battle with Fibro. Hopefully he will be more empathetic ! Your husbands support is going to be critical in dealing with. Fibro daily .

  • My foster has had some extreme episodes of diverticulitis when she has been very ill and in enormous pain. She has to be careful and watch her diet, but unlike a previous comment she tries to make sure she gets enough roughage in her diet to ensure her bowels are properly cleared each day. I guess it has to be the right kind. Oats I understand is a kind source and you could also make some oats into a powder in a food prossesser to use in sauces gravies, mashed potatoes, milkshakes etc. so sorry to hear you have this as well as fibro.

  • I too have diverticulosis and when it is at that stage I found it was alright taking the fibogel I was given on prescription but when it turned into diverticulitis " that's when the sacs in the colon become infected " I need really strong antibiotics and it's usually just fluids that I can tolerate and I have to cut out fibre I totally agree with the previous member who wrote a great post I wish I could explain it like her . The thing to remember is we are all different and we are all at different stages, I'm 63 and I think my colon has got floppier? Due to age lol try to look at it as something that does pass " until the next flare uo" and it can be a long time in between unlike fibromyalgia. I hope you feel better soon have you tried fibogel or movical? xx

  • Oh Lizzie, so sooo sorry your husband is acting this way. Please google Fibro, go to different websites and PRINT out what it is and the symptoms. He has to read up on Fibro , you have to have that support!

  • Hi Lizzie, so sorry to hear of the pain your in and an unsympathetic hubby to boot!! I'm sure he will understand more if you do what I did and print of the symptoms of Fibro or get a leaflet he can read maybe. Also you dont seem to be on enough meds. I take 600mg of Pregabalin and 60mg of Nortriptaline, both these drugs you will need to start on lower doses but they helped me with the pain and sleep etc. I also take the Tramadol. I dont take Fluoxetine as I think it is the same type of pill as the Nortriptaline, one being more expensive than the other! Everyone is placed on Fluoxatine first, tell yr GP you want Nortriptaline instead, this will need to be built up starting at 25mg first I think. Anyway, see your GP and I hope these meds work for you, good luck with them and the hubby, lets hope he begins to understand :-) x

  • I have fibro, lichens sclerosus and also diverticulitis, whoopee f****n doo! You have to laugh or you would cry and cry and cry...Took years to realise what it was after years of tests and physio on my limbs and joints.

    I find with meds that less is best. I was on a cocktail of drugs, but weaned myself off most of it apart from a small dose of amitriptyline. I use a tens machine for other pain.

    Having a routine is also a good idea even if it is a limited one. I have dogs so have to take them for a walk even if I am in pain. I may not do anything else that day, including eating but I have usually said hi to someone and felt the fresh air on my face.

    Warm wishes


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