“Fibromyalgia Cured Forever” ?????????????

This is my first post so forgive me if I ramble but I would like to share my experiences.

I have been suffering for 6 years now chronic pain which started in my left shoulder so severe I stopped swimming. The pain and stiffness gradually worsened over the years moving to my legs to point where I couldn't walk in a morning and had to get downstairs on my bum, but as the day progressed it eased, so I put off going to the doctors putting it down to stress at work & not going to the gym. I did notice that my pain threshold was very low, a stub of the toe would be excruciating & last for ages, so I gave in & went to the GP.

In the meantime I have spent a fortune (literally thousands) on private treatment ie. chiropractor, physiotherapy, hot stone massage, Reflexology, holistic therapy, etc, etc. all gave a little immediate relief but was very short lived.

The GP referred me to a consultant rheumatologist (who explained my foot pain as gout!!!!!!!!!!!) I’ve have had countless blood tests, scans, MRI's, exploratory examinations, my Doctor has been very thorough so I can’t criticise at all. After18 months of exploration and no answers, I was prescribed amitriptyline, which I must say did help with my restless leg, and twitching stabbing leg pains.

Then 12 months ago I found a book on the internet , called “Fibromyalgia Cured Forever” by Marcus Bloom, cost me about $35 for an E-book. Basically he stated with his research that Fibromyalgia is caused by food intolerance to “DAIRY “ and by cutting out all “Dairy” would sort the condition.

So I gave it a go, I stopped eating /drinking, milk, butter cheese Chocolate yoghurt etc, (you wouldn’t believe the amount of milk & milk powder is in food)

Gradually over several months my condition did get better, my leg pain, twitching, stiffness improved dramatically. I had by this point stopped taking my amitriptyline & currently don’t take any prescribed drugs.

I have never been completely pain free in the last 6 years but its manageable with pain killers when needed, but recently my left arm has become unbearably painful, whether this is because Ive lapsed with the dairy or not im not sure, Im quite stressed at moment as mum has ben diagnosed with terminal cancer so im spending a lot of time with her & grabbing anything I can to eat.

I don’t know whether the exclusion of Dairy is a help, whether its psychological, or just my body fighting back, all I know is I’m better than I was. I did explain this to my GP who wrote to the allergy clinic. They responded by saying they couldn’t see why it would attribute to my Fibromyalgia symptoms, hey ho, who knows its helped me, it may give relief to others.

It wont do harm if you tackle it sensibly, and you can cope with out Chocolate!!!!!!!! I would point out that I do take calcium supplements & have visited a nutritionist. I have also discovered sweetened almond milk which I really love.

I’m going to get back on track & be more strict in cutting Dairy out again to see if I can beat this, I will keep you posted. Best wishes to all sufferers. BevF

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  • Sounds good and it worked which is brilliant?? Someone advised me about almond milk, must try it!!

  • Rice milk is also worth trying :)

  • I'm so glad to hear that going dairy free is working for you. :)

    When you consider that 60% of the adult population is lactose intolerant, it really doesn't surprise me that cutting out dairy from a daily diet can have dramatic health benefits. Dairy itself may not lend itself to exacerbated symptoms, but I believe lactose intolerance *does*.

    I've actually recently had to admit to myself that dairy isn't good for me, which sucks as I LOVE cheese, whole fat milk, and salty butter on warm bread rolls... so in the last 2 weeks or so I've basically turned vegan (vegetarian for 14 years), and so far, so good. Feeling less tired, reduced pain levels, and guess what - I've also lost 6 pounds. :)

    For a VERY naughty treat (read: sugar) the Alpro Soya chocolate milk is to die for.

  • Just read your post thank you for sharing this with me going to cut out dairy to see if it works for me too

  • I have been dairy free for 6 months and I am actually worse off, I had to give dairy up due to stomach problems not due to fibro but I'm more in pain more stiff and by far feel worse off.

  • It just shows, everybody is different!!

  • Anything is worth a try it, now you say this Ive been drinking a lot more milk lately and eggs as I've had a stomach problem and warm milk helps me sleep, and I've had an awful flare up is this just a coincidence or what, I think I might try cutting dairy out just to see if it helps.

  • Try chamomile tea with honey, or chamomile tablets - brilliant for bad sleepers :)

  • I only drink chamomile tea anyway, but loved my milky bedtime drink, 😟

  • I have heard boiled eggs are very good for you with fibro? then again, we are all different!!

  • Hello

    ive found excluding dairy cleared my brain fog but partially caused my fibro along with my c-PTSD but thats because i react to withdrawal of dairy and gluten as though it were coming off heroin an autistic thing for me.

    i feel better without dairy and have found alternatives to everything i used to have before. i also find ginger helps with some fibro symptoms and clears mucus build up.

    Theres a coop brand of chocolate orange that tastes similar to terrys, also oxfam do mint thins that taste like after eights.

    If you need help finding recipes then i can highly recommend a yahoo group i used to be on.

  • I never have dairy as I am lactose intolerant and I unfortunately I have Fibro.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi Ken

    You say you are lactose intolerant- how was it diagnosed?

    Recent BBC programme on dairy covered this issue and how a definitive genetics test can rule lactose intolerance in/out as the intolerance in adults is dictated by the specific gene mutation not being present.

    There are genuine cases but food fads come and go and anti-dairy seems to be a current flavour of the month. Making drastic dietary changes is NOT to be recommended except under a proper Dietitian's care. As for the effects of this 'trendy' fad on our own british dairy industry .......I won't start!!!

  • I was diagnosed by the Thoracic department at my local hospital as I have asthma and COPD so anything that can affect my breathing is well looked into. I had all kinds of tests and they said I was also allergic to red fruits, bananas and soya.

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