overall cover called FM

The past 2 years have not been good but, it is made worse by doctors, physio's etc telling you that it is just you fibro. I demanded to see my RA doctor and eventually got a appointment, I then made a appointment with the nurse for her to take my bloods. Doctor phoned to tell me I was borderline thyroid..............gee like I could have told them, then came the Physio who asked what did I need....................Aaa, that would be wrist splints, ok says she, lets see your feet and hands, I think we need to get your bloods done, I said they are done the results will be on your PC, right, so of she goes and comes back with A splint and tell me that the RA dept will likely do more bloods X-ray etc. The RA doctor was shocked when she seen my hands and asked why I didn't get my doctor to send me to her sooner, Oh! I said, the doctor etc said it was only FM. I have just been diagnosed with RA and I told them that over 3 years ago. Its hard but doctors have to learn that FM is not the cause of everything. If it feels different get it seen to, after the latest session with the doctors I know they wont sit back again and I will now have monthly bloods test taken and treated immediately......................mind you they gave me a steroid injection and boy did that help big time,and long may it last ......................I am on my nearly did it step and even if I fall, I will get up and go again, because the wanting to live is stronger than the pain.

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  • Wow!that made me think.its going to be difficult to kn ow the difference though,especially for us relative newbies.I have only spotted a flare starting once since I was diagnosed in July so I'm not sure I'd know if it might be something other than fibro.this illness is so difficult we cant even be ill in peace!!

  • You are right Amanda, however it is good to keep a record of changes and if you feel there is something else going on, get the doctor to check and let them know this doesn't feel like FM and get your bloods tested, and remember you know yourself better than them.

  • Today I received a phone call from the hospital and it seems that there is ongoing research regarding RA and they have asked if I would join in and get tests done to see what they can find out about RA and how it advances. I shall take it as read that it will also involve FM as they will have to find a way to separate the symptoms and just maybe more evidance will be found on the genetic side as well. This is one way of finding out if anyone in the family has it and it is yet to rear its ugly head. i will keep you all up to date as I go through this maze of DNA.

  • What a typical story, I have to do all my own diagnosis first, and to get what I know is wrong confirmed, I either go privately (and even then I am sometimes treated like a moron having paid £200 for the privilege) or get tests done myself when I am in Dubai - where at least you can have any test you want if you pay for it. And surprise surprise, I am almost always right. And then if you know more than the doctor or even the specialist doctor, which you are forced to do because of poor medical diagnostic skills and it's your body and you just want to get better, then often you feel a sort of resentment from the medical profession towards you, which doesn't help. I am sure there are patients with good experiences, but more with frustrating experiences. I think perhaps the majority of doctors have lost skills in history taking, and they rely on tests or on past history rather than really listening to the patient.

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