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Sorry been awl

Hi peeps sorry not been here for a long time took a long while to come to terms with having diabetes as well as fybro so i have been sulking .now i have broken my ankle and have to wear a cast for 6 weeks its a no walking one which means i am hopping on crutches which as you can amagine very hard my shoulders are full of complaints and my good leg is in protest at having all my weight on it i used to love the snow now i find it scary and costly no work for 6 weeks plus so my bank is in pain as well rant over good to be back

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Hi Karen-t

Good to have you back. So glad you have come to terms with your diabetes. Which type do you have? I

I know when I was told "officially" that I had CFS/ME it floored me. I knew I probably had it but hearing it said felt very final.

So sorry about you ankle too. How it you do that? Well at least you are forced to rest now for 6 weeks, don't be too hard on your good leg!

I know what you mean about snow, I walk dogs and I am petrified of falling over.

Stay safe and warm.

Love and hugs Karen xxxxx


Thank you i slipped in the snow fell off the curb and bashed it so now my love of snow has left me still it could of been much worse


I know how you felt being diagnosed with something else on top of FMS. It happened to me when I was diagnosed with COPD October 2011. I sulked a little and then thought what the heck, something else to ponder on. Then on 15th January this year I was told I had ruptured the Plantar fascii at the heel of my right foot, ruptured one of the ankle tendons same foot, have poterior tibial dysfunction, tightened achilles with risk of rupture. All pressure now on leg foot so now have plantar fasciitis and tightened achilles in that one too with risk of rupture. They want me to have operation(in plaster up to 10 weeks for that) but holding off while they try insoles and foot/ankle splints. We just seem to keep adding to our lists don't we. But behave and keep the weight off that ankle as hard as it is on the rest of your body. XXXXX


Nice to have kind words wish i had not stayed away i have had planta facsiltis it painfull like a horrid burning throbing pain worse first thing afer resting they got rid of mine with weekly binding and excersise which envold rolling my feet over bottles full of ice water ans standing on tiptoes while leaning against a wall sounds odd but it got better hopeyou manage to avoid an opp having a cast is no fun . At least we all have each other its nice to have a rant or just a chat with people who understand that you can have a lot of pain but nothing vissible


Hello Karen, good to see you back with us. Please don't apologise, there's no need. We all go through times when for some reason or other we just deal with our illness/es and coming to terms with this isn't easy, it takes time. For some people it takes longer, acceptance isn't easy.

Don't put too much pressure on your good leg, try to rest too!

It's a pleasure having you here with us, we are always here for you so pop in whenever you can.

Take care Karen. (((hug))) xxx



Hello again

Ouch I bet that hurt, falling off the kerb.

I have planter fasciitis too but mine has been slowly getting better over the past year with special insoles.

Yay we are glad you are back!

Love n hugs Karen xx


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