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Im 43 and as of October of 2013 before I had my gastric bypass I started falling and my legs and arms just twich on there own and now every time I get up I get so dizzy that I have to hold on to my dresser and my legs move back in forth and finally it lets up to where I can walk this happens all day everyday I eneded up breaking my leg because of this iv been to the doctor and neurologist and they say im ok ....can anyone help me!!!!

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Morning Big Baby How are you today? H

A huge welcome to our forum I am glad you decided to join us. This site is made up of wonderful people all ho suffer just like you

This is the best place for answers and security make sure you tick for this only then we do not get interruptions

You may find useful answers if you go to lots of our every day queries you can find answers for. Another site which is terrific is healthunlocked. Take a look do.

Your question your muscle twitching sound absolutely ghastly I now when I get twitches it is horrid particularly as we have no control over it. I am sorry I have o answers for you but I do have friendship to offer if it helps.

Stick with lass try and keep calm.

Remember now you on the site you can come on line any time see who is about and what is going on.



just a thought-have you been trsted for hypotension (they would need to do a tilt test (usa lingo)? that sounds what i had been experiencing until had that test. now on medication which helps lots.


Hi biggbaby43,

Welcome to Health Unlocked.

I could not see any info on your profile as to your conditions, so am just going to provide info from my own experiences.

I assume you have fibro?

Have you have your Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 levels checked - if so - what was the result?

In my personal experience, I got tremors along my right side, dizzyness and many falls / blacking out, and these have lessened now that I am on B12 and vitamin D replacement therapies (Vit B12 injections as I cannot absorb it from food any more)

If you have not been tested, it does not hurt to be tested - it is jsut a blood test, and if your doc says yes, try to have the folate, iron and calcium done at the same time - he will probably order a CBC with the vitamin B12 looking for changes in your red blood cells, but please let him know that I have pernicious amenia, B12 was 65 (range 198-800) and my red blood cells were all fine (due to my folate intake ) - and had neurological symptoms from B12 deficieny.

I mention this as some docs are not up to speed and still think the anemia bit of pernicious anemia is definitive, and only about 40% of patients with pernicious anemia have anemia - it is an old fashioned idea to think there should be anything wrong with your blood cells - to be sure he can also check for Intrinsic Factor antibodies.

best of luck



Hi biggbaby43

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Welcome to the forum and I genuinely hope that you find it as useful as I do.

Firstly, I am not a doctor so I cannot diagnose you. However, my first thoughts were your blood pressure? I know from personal experience that when we sit or lay down and be inactive for prolonged periods that our blood pressure lowers and then when we get up we can go a little dizzy and / or have weak legs. Do you have this sort of symptom?

Also, you mention your gastric band; now I do not mean to be rude or impolite to you in any way whatsoever, (so I apologise in advance) but do you think that the twitching could be as a result of your weight? As if we carry too much excess weight we can be prone to nerve, skin and muscle damage (saw it in a documentary).

I have also pasted you a NHS Choices Link to a page on restless leg syndrome. It may be worth reading to see if your condition matches this?

I want to wish you all the best of luck and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution to your problem.

All my hopes and dreams for you




My mum and I have FMS and my mum has this problem, you are not alone. I feel for you xx


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