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suffering with bowels

i always worry with my bowels my stomach is hurting at the mo since wensday cant go loo all swelled up ave to starve myself coz ive have had a twisted bowl 4 years later a bad blockage with Adhesion took loads caster oil caps just hope its a small blockage i can hear it tricking trying to get though an feel like ive had a ten coarse meal its one extrema to the other from going to much to this i defo prefer going all the time that's for sure sorry im just going on with myself its like ya taking to someone wen ya come on here anyway i will l stop babbling an go an get the hosepipe its on the tap outside so im just gunna hook it though the bathroom window an legs a kimbo haha .hugs to all xxxxxx

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What are you eating and drinking chicme. ? Love the idea of the hose pipe lol.... But might help more to drink the water lol instead of sticking it where the sun don't shine lol

Good luck with your clearance. Have to tried a magnesium tablet at night. That's how I keep it all moving.....on top of replacing trigger foods with safe ones xxx


hi just clear soups tea coffee water eating will just make it worse i know from past .id had liver onions an cauliflower no spods not been since had this wenday xx


Absolutely right, stepper - more water to drink is a better idea than the hosepipe, though it's made me laugh!

Seriously tho', chicme - if you've had adhesions and blockages, the castor oil sounds a bit drastic to me! You might be much better off if you got your doctor to prescribe you some lactulose and Fybogel to take regularly. These are gentle, drug free laxatives that keep everything flowing smoothly, and much more suited to someone who has had surgery in the past.

You do need to drink lots of water, though - your bowels can't function without plenty of fluid.

You can get lactulose and fybogel over the counter, but because of your problems in the past, it would be better if you asked the doc to prescribe - just so he can check you over!

Moffy x


hi none of them work for me all they do blow my stomach up had in past they dont help me at all ive had to do my own research an its only caster oil n Magnesium Citrate that clear me out really ?i have to take these coz i don't want to go though that again the pain is so bad it really is an vomiting my bowels is so horrible really really i dont want to end up in intensive care ever again cos i know in my heart i wont come out i was so bad last time , im drinking loads of water if it don't clear i will go docs .thank you hugs xx


Have you heard of the SCD lifestyle Specific Carbohydrate diet. Its about taking control of degestive disease without drugs. Its worth googling and having a look at.....

Its all about leaky gut syndrome.

Also... The lectin story. That gave me an understanding of what is happening to my gut and why.

I personally wouldn't touch lactulose or fibrogel. Both make me much worse. Changing my diet and taking magnesium has been really good for me. x


thanks i will take a look. the more healthy i eat the worse i am most veg n fruit seeds brown bread Lentil love lentil soup the more fiber i have is bad for me just blocks me up its so annoying coz i love all this stuff but im a no win .xx


I am having the same sort of problems,but now to the point that if I pass wind I bleed like a pig and if and when the fibrogel kicks in ie 4 a day ! every day I still bleed. Due for a biopsy in two weeks and a small op been like it since nov: fed up feeling bloated and in agony!! :-(

Let me know how you get on with the hosepipe ....I did laugh :-) and I will try that too x x x

Hope your soon better x Gentle (((((((((((((hug))))))))))))))))))


My Dr has now put me on sugarfree Laxido 3 a day but problem still here,it is my tablets I think as all of them give me constipation!!


hi thing is been going great up to 8 times a day which i prefer sod Atos saying i could get help for this its make me feel better going like that cos i dont worry about blockages xx


i was put on movicoool but its 1 extreme to another i ether cant go atall or cant stop going and it makes me beed think its back to dr to try something else hope u get sorted soon


hi i know its not nice is it ?the more fiber i have the worse i am xx



This is a really good site that explains why NOT to take these meds.I hope this site accepts the link ok x


thanks love i will take a look xx


Oh dear! Fibre doesn't suit everyone - so you do have problems!

Seems like the hosepipe is going to be the only helpful solution.

Prunes, anyone?

Love Moffy xxx


haha xx


I have diverticular disease and I can only face a certain amount of presciption stuff...Have you tried sucking mints as they also have a laxative function if you eat several. I think you should also seek medical advise if you have any other worries re temp ect.


im just starving my self at mo see how it goes what ive had to do in the past thank u xx


Hello Chicme, I personally would suggest that you see your GP soon about this, I can only see Lactulose etc making the situation worse and possibly increasing your stomach pain too.

Discuss the possibility that you may have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), hopefully your GP can reassure and advise you about this and also give you suitable treatment.

I hope this eases for you soon, I appreciate how uncomfortable this can be.

Take care my dear.

Best wishes and hugs. xx



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