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not good,

i went to my doctors today, cause i am finding my speach getting worse, its difficult to explain but its like when i try and speek my mouth wont open properly, i get very muddled, also forget very easy, and been havin numbness in hands and neck, doc thinks it could all be related to fibro, but like she said we cant put it down to that untill we have ruled out anything else, so she writing to get me a m,r,i brain scan, i am going to have an open m,r,i as i had a panic attack in the normal ones, xx

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Hi sandycat

Please let us know how you get on with the MRI as I often have the same thing only mine is more pressure in the neck than numbness. I have been told I am having migraines with aura (I sometimes never get the actual headache just the aura) but interested to know what they find with you. I hope everything is okay and what a good doctor you have.

And oooo, I didn't know there was such a thing as an open MRI, I too wouldn't take too kindly to the normal one

MP x


Just as well to get this checked out, Sandy!

Those scanners are very claustrophobic, aren't they? I'm sure you're not alone in feeling panicky inside them. I don't even like going in lifts!

The open scanners are just like a big ring that they feed you through - known by everyone as the 'Thinking Doughnut' - much easier to cope with!

Hope it all goes well for you - let us know how you get on.

Love Moffy xxx


thank you mp, yes they do have open m,r,i scanners as i had one about 2years ago for tennis elbow. xx


if you suffer dry mouth as i do due to meds you can get a dry mouth spray from your gp i would be lost without mone.

hugs xxx


hi sandycat ive similar to you i get slurred speech,and have memory probs my gp sent me for ct scan and this week saw a memory psychiatrist who put me through loads of memory qeustions it got to much for me and i had a severe headache from trying to remember his qeustions so the appointment was cut short ive now to have several smaller appointments and am to see a psycholagist buthe did say that the scan showed that my brain was smaller than it should be im not sure wethere this is related to fibro or not yet but i think its best to let them do there tests as you just dont know what they will find hopefully something that can be treated or even better nothing one way or another it will put your mind at rest all the very best xx


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