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some good news

I've not long turned 40 and promised myself that Fibro would no longer conitue to take over my life,now I've been re=housed and the stess levels have gone down I promised myself I'd give up smoking which I did the same week I had my birthday that's almost 11wks and was strong enough to use just willpower,I haven't touched anything in with Aspartame for 13wks and I joined slimming world 7wks ago and the weight is slowly coming off.I have up my excersize levels up from nothing to a little excersize everyday and yes it's hardwork but the benefits are starting to show.

I've lost 2and half pounds,my muscles are getting stronger,although I 'm not cured my time between boom and bust incidents is longer and slowly things are getting better everyday.

I could go on about the pro's and cons of each bit but I'm doing what is working for me right now,as after 4yrs and possibly longer( just undiagnosed )I am trying anything.

Today is the first time I've seen my doctor since late last year and she had seen me at my worst,she was so proud it made me feel really good,she said I could of gone 1 of 2ways and I chose to fight,don't get me wrong I have been the other way to ,thinking it was hopeless but I guess as the saying goes life begins at 40.

I'm not boasting or wanting a pat on the back I am merely passing on the few changes that I've found working for me.I've been swimming twice in last 4yrs and that for me and my little girl is great as she is seeing mum get better an hopefully the disabled mum doing nothing won't be the only memory she has of childhood.

I wish everyone well and to keep fighting with support you can get there.I was very shy when I first got ill and it took me a while to speak out and I thank Fibro uk for helping as it made me see I wasn't alone,

best wishes to all an big gentle hugs,one step at a time


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Well, I think you deserve many pats on the back, Gizmo! Well done, you are an inspiration, and will give hope to many of our members!

Moffy x


Wow, well done you, that's fabulous!

Can I ask have you found giving up aspartame has made any difference to your Fibro? xx


Well done, I also fight Fibro with all my might, I swim and go to the gym 3 times a week,use umy infrared lamp and massage chair viber. It all helps, I have been able to come off all medication except paracetomol and ibruprofen when in pain.


Wow gizmo that is marvelous! Well done keep it going :) I am so impressed I know what a lot of hard work it has been for you slowly and steadily you are moving in the right direction :) gentle hus xgins


Hi Gizzmo I am so heartened by your efforts and strong positive attitude towards your debilitating disease I read so many' poor me ' posts on this site it is so good to read someone that has altered their way of life to help themselves. Our lifestyles have such a devastating affect on our bodies that they just shut down on some people Many people who have a good lifestyle still have their bodies bombarded by these ravishing diseases and wonder why them I have SLE along with other stuff but without changing my lifestyle Thirty odd years ago I would still be in a wheelchair, It has not been easy but heh life's a struggle everyone's is different . Your positive changes will only help I wish you continued success and the strength to continue even when your disease knocks you down Just take care and remember to listen to your body and pace yourself Congratulations .


Hearty well done Gizmo!!!


Wow, now that's what I call a lifestyle overhaul! Well done you. Isn't it wonderful when you have that lightbulb moment and have the strength to make positive changes. Makes you feel in charge of your body instead of the other way round. Hope the wonderful benefits continue. x


aw thanks everyone for all your lovely messages,I wanted to pass on some hope and good vibes that this doesn't have to take over and that I have been at that point ,but no more hehe.

The removing of Aspartame for me has made such a difference as I would have a cigarette and redbull for breakfast or smoke and drink coke,I'm not sure it would for everyone but I had to try it and I had to say yes for me I sleep better I'm not so ratty and restless my head is better to say but a few.

I've just had a good councelling session to chat about where all the stress came from in the first place,and saw my doctor first time in months yesterday and she is a great supporter to people with F.M. and she has kept me sane and hopefull on many occasion.

A nd last ut not least the support from this community when I had almost given up on who could understand what it's like.

you made me smile again today so I thankyou and hope all have a great day xx


You sound so positive and alive and it has reminded me that we are all in charge of ourselves, no one else. I was lucky enough to come across the Pain Toolkit a year ago and the advice in that wonderful document mirrors what you have been doing and subsequently achieved. I am so pleased for you and please do keep it up. I have allowed myself to fall off the wagon a bit by giving up on my stretching exercise, I felt better you see, but, thanks to you, am about to climb back on.


well that#s greeat waterside,I have inspired 2 people off here in 2wks and thats the best feeling in the world,I will hold on to that when I do my 130 squats today hehe and long may t continue x


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