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Went back to docs on Friday, as i have been problems with my right leg, it started about a week ago, my foot felt swollen and it felt like i was walking on pins, then on Thursday my leg went numb from the hip down. Saw a GP i do not usually see, she was very good and really seemed to know a lot about the fibro. She felt the problem with my leg is caused by the fibro and has put me Gabapentin, not overly keen on taking it as i hate feeling drowsy. i have to go back and see her in a fortnight to see how things are going. My leg is till giving me problems and walking is proving difficult. On top of that i am having physio due to a frozen shoulder that i go from a fall. the pain from that is horrendus and is affecting my whole arm, Have to go back and see him next week, if its no better he is going to arrange a scan, as he thinks i might have torn something when i fell. So what with one thing and another its never ending.To top it off i get a letter from ATOS with regards to my ESA, which i have been on for almost 2yrs now. Have been in touch with welfare rights to come and help fill it in. GP said she would support it, do i ask her for a letter, or will they get in touch with my GP? what else can i do to support my claim? I an so worried i will not get through and they will make me go back to work, i know i can't i am lucky if i get 2 good days a week,. Any advice please?

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I know how you feel and its awful....I have the same carry on with ATOS I won my appeal, but now they are stopping my contribution based ESA, so I have to apply for Income based ESA.However because my husband works more than 24hrs and earns more than £112 per week, I dont get anything!!! How the hell can they do this?

Jan x


Mdaisy wrote a blog yesterday "advice on benefits" that had some excellent links, have a look through and feel free to come back and ask or share if you want to.



My right leg is affected with my fibro and I drag it , walk with a frame now . Go to cab as well for help , get a letter from gp they won't write .



Am sorry to read you have so much going on. Good luck with the Gaba. It's a good medication and I certainly miss it if I run out. I have arms that regularly go numb, as they are right now. I had it checked out and they put it down to the fibro, so my Gaba was increased.

With regard to yr claim, yr GP sounds sympathetic so you can hopefully get a supporting letter from them without charge. You'll need all the ammo you can get - just don't forget to keep copies of dox cos ATOS will try and wear you down. I went thru the same as you, going from contribution based to income. Was put in WRAG but didn't fight it because after my boyfriend moved in, my payment went to nil due to his savings, which frankly are nothing to do with me and we resented the Govt implying that I am his financial responsibility!


I have to see GP again on 26th so i will ask her for a supporting letter then, as Welfare rights are coming on 28th June. Hopefully it all work out ok.


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