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Cockahoop, then oops!

Cockahoop, then oops!

Have just won some tickets on a national radio station, to go and see Bruce Springsteen at Hard Rock Calling next weekend. Was pleased as punch cos I've seen him quite a few times before (he's brilliant!).

I then looked up the artists playing that weekend and saw that it's Paul Simon the next day, with Alison Krauss guesting. Well, I nearly cried cos I love both artists so much and have always wanted to see them but have never had a chance!

After further research, I then thought about the logistics of getting up to London (Hyde Park) from the west country, plus the issue of it being standing room only with no folding seats allowed. My heart it will cost a fortune to get there...

How the hell can I go??

Now I'll wait to see what the tickets say when they arrive and whether I can donate them to various friends. Fingers crossed, cos I'd like for others nearer the venue to have the pleasure.

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Don't know where you live but the mega bus is cheap and youth hostels are cheap. Don't give up and find out about disabled access.

Don't let mr fibro beat you ..

Soft hugs xxx



Sammicat, penny is right don't be beaten look into what she has suggested, you may even be able to take in a folding chair.

Good luck

Soft Hugs

Sue x x x


no chairs can be taken in. am not young enough for a hostel! disabled access is only for those with disabled tickets. thanks anyway. oh I offered 2 tickets to my bessie mate and it turns out she's got tickets anyway lol.


Borrow a wheelchair and contact the radio station and explain your problem and I am sure they will try to help you with getting in. I am sure the organisers would not want it publicised they refused a disabled person access because they had an able bodied persons ticket

Once in you can use the wheelchair when you need it and stand when you can


thanks for all your suggestions. I erred on the side of caution and sold the tickets. was going to give some to my best mate but it turned out she already had tickets, so she was there to see Macca do his stuff with Bruce. I was jealous for a moment when I found out, but was pragmatic enough to know that I couldn't have managed it and it would have put us to a fair old expense as well. am happy I've seen Bruce 5 times already, so at least someone else got the privilege with my tickets :-D


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