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A Sweet Smell

Lots of members have complained that strong smells and perfumes upset them or bring on symptoms.

I find very heavy scents make me feel queasy, but I get a lot of pleasure from light fresh perfumes and wear them as often as possible.

Some of you may be fans of aromatherapy, and I certainly find that lavender, rose and sandalwood are very refreshing and soothing. I also like my home to smell lovely, and as I don't like chemical sprays, I tend to use aromatherapy candles, or an oil burner.

What are your favourite smells?

There are a lot to choose from - lovely perfumes, the smell of home baking, a freshly bathed baby, or some fragrant flowers, to name but a few.

Smells are so evocative, and can bring back memories in an instant, so .... what do you love, and what do you hate?

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onions used to remind me of my late mum's stew.

I used to love the smell of baby talc.


The smell of roast lamb, cabbage and mint sauce takes me straight back to Sunday lunch at my mum's house! Happy memories :)


I have taken up baking cakes... My OH or son put them in and out of the oven and I the smell of baking cakes mmmmmmmmmmm

Yours drooling

VG x


Oh my word, sandalwood, lavender and rose would all give me an instant migraine, infact I can't do. Any aromatherapy oils except for plain almond oil.i used to absolutely love

No 5 but can't wear it now, will come back once I find my elusive brain !! Foggy x


When I was expecting my first baby, I couldn't bear perfumes, or even the smell of new bread or fresh coffee, which I normally adore!

I had to manage with baby powder and toiletries, because the smell of those is so delicate. It was hard for me, 'cos I love perfume!

Moffy x


I love lavender such a beautiful smell, i too couldn't stand various smells when i was pregnant i had hyperemesis gravidarum all the way through so strong smells just made me puke! Even today i can't abide the smells from those days and my daughter is nearly 18! A lovely perfume to try is Happy by Clinique it is beautiful such a light feminine fragrance,i love the name too!! Della xxx


I know It is cliche...but smell of cut grass is my favourite. I grew up in a house with a garden of 1/4 of an acre and mostly grass. Reminds me of home and swinging on the swing as a young girl underneath the walnut tree!! :), while Dad cut the grass. Miss him so much x


I'm with you on newly cut grass, it just brings memories of lovely warm summers days. At my family home, we had acres of lawn and as a child I can remember my father insisting on doing the lawn closest to the house himself,rather than the gardener, and we had a huge Briggs Stratton mower and I still picture my father behind it making VERY straight lines...had to be straight !! Foggy x


Can only stand delicate fragrances nowadays, strong ones have me headed for the bathroom. Some perfumes today are so nauseating. I have a couple of favourites I still wear, but many that I used t olove now knock me sick

These are the smells that my nose can tolerate and which evoke memories of happier times




Freshly baked bread

A newly bathed baby

Fairy toilet soap (memories of 1st ever holiday)

freshly laundered cotton sheets that have been dried outdoors

Must be many others, but although I am awake my brain checked out, and went to bed a few hours ago


So many scents I now cannot smell Baking bread that wondeful smell from the back of a clean babies neck. I was a florist and glorious lilies always made me sneeze star gazer was the worst. My gran always smelt of 4711 and ponds beauty cream. My Mum lilly of the valley.. Sunday roast yum always smelt it before entering the dinning room. Strangely the cows or the ladies at milking time a warm mixture of hay and extrement. My ponies breadth it was lovely on my cheek.

The garden after the grass is mown and a light shower of rain has cleared the air.

I suspect I can go on and on xgins


When I was working in London in the mid 80's the Dior perfume "Poison" had just been launched. I worked in an office on the 8th floor so I tended to use a lift. One morning I had been in the lift on my own when it stopped after a floor and this woman got in - I swear she must have poured a bottle of the stuff over her head, she was reeking of it! That was then I knew why it was called Poison cause it was making me feel positively ill - so much so that when I got out the lift I thought I was going to throw up & was told I looked a bit green around the gills. I spent the entire day smelling of a perfume which seemed to have immersed itself in the fabric of my clothes so strongly people thought it was my perfume!

Feeling queasy now just thinking about it!


Oh my word, me too, I loathe it too...migraine guaranteed almost instantly. That together with Estée Lauders Youth Dew which a lady I worked with wore, (and I mean wore, she almost must have bathed in it ! ) and that too is an instant killer.


I wear perfume every day. I find it helps me deal with my pain.

I wear Beautuful, by Estee Lauder which my husband buys me once every 18 months or so.

The only perfumes I have problems with are those with musk....instant headache.


I must admit to being a bit old fashioned - I love Blue Grass by Elizabeth Arden! I wore this perfume on my wedding day, and it brings back happy memories. :)

Moffy x


It is not only the smell of perfume that makes me feel a bit off colour , often household cleaners do , washing powder, that sort of thing. What I do like is the smell of Tiger Balm and I quite like Vick as well. Another question to add to Moffy's, not entirely unrelated ,do people have trouble looking at black and white stripes, especially if they are close together or forming an intricate design ?


YES....zig zag type stuff is probably the worst for me.


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