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Ouchy-ouch-ouch, and a warning

This morning I needed to de-ice my car. So I turned the engine on to get the car warm, and the windscreen clear. Than I started scraping away. As I walked round the back of the car, I stepped on a patch of icy compacted snow. Uh-oh. No time to think about what was happening, suddenly I was lying in the snow! Ouch! I now have a very sore hip :-(

But I also hit the side of my head on the bumper. Not hard, thankfully. But if it had been a bit harder, I could have ended up knocking myself out. And lying there until a neighbour found me. And I would have been right by the exhaust pipe! With the engine running!

So please, everyone, take care. Especially when stepping across your own tyre tracks that have now frozen over!

Have a warm safe day



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sorry to hear you had a fall today ,hope you feeling a bit better but bruised , thats y im not going out today ,very icy roads and paths havnt been gritted ,

allso wrap up warm today freezing temps ,thin layers are best and make sure you wear a hat , keep warm every one gentle hugs ,

tinks x x

Sorry to here you had a bump with a BUMP--ER,i bet you will feel that later.Hope you not offended by little joke.Take care jacksiex

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It was exhaust-ing!

Aha that's why I haven't heard from you .... I too learnt the hard way with snow and the ice undneath so now I am a complete wimp and stay indoors when the snow arrived... Hope you recover soon and are back to your normal self....... :) Though I will say if you hadn't rushed away from me last night I would have had you attached to the bungee knicker elastic and you would have bounced out of danger


VG x

I could have done with Libby's air bed for a softer landing!

I had that sorry, after you all left me last night I spent the night in the broom cupboard on Libby's mattress... Very comfy :)


ha ha! good reply KazF,glad you have sense of humuor,perhaps we could be a double act or something,get something to rub on your rear end,hope you haven't scratched it.jacksiex

Sorry you had such a nasty bump hope you are ok now do take care xgins

Due to recent weight loss my rear is not as well padded as it used to be. So, be warned, all you new year dieters!

Now, where did I hide that last bar of choccie?

Sorry to hear of your accident, make sure you dose yourself up and keep warm, i hope you have someone their to help look after you. Take Care, Gentle Hugs, Mels.x

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and concern.

I am fine, apart from the bruise on my hip. I might photograph it next week, as I am sure it is going to be massive, and by then it will be all pretty colours!!

Apart from the surprise of finding myself lying down in the snow, when I was expecting to be upright scraping ice off the car window, the worst thing was that 'OMG, what of...' moment of realising that I could have been found unconscious, breathing car exhaust, by a neighbour after goodness only knows how long! The second worst thing was the blow to my pride - or would have been if anyone had seen it. As far as I'm aware, no-one, not even the nieghbours cat saw my 'you've been framed' moment so I'm not likely to be starring on u-tube anytime soon. I'm sorry about that - I realise that it will come as a disappointment!! ;-)

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so glad you're ok.


Sorry to hear about your fall :( I haven't ventured out at all since the snow started, nearly two weeks since I last went shopping, no chocolate for DAYS but thankfully my lovely neighbour fetched me some milk yesterday :)

Hope you're not suffering too much xxx

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