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Pain ouchy


Hi everyone

I'm having so many different symptoms fight now, sores on my eyelids, sore up my nose I'm also snoring so badly iv now moved into another room to allow my suffering hubby to appointment for ENT

The other things that's going on are very painful shoulders, arms, hands, oh and my fingers get so sore it hurts even touching them, oh I'm a right moaner today sorry folks the meds I'm on are Pregablin, brufen, co-codamol but it's not helping.

Now, I have found I cannot eat my most favourite fruit bananas they seem to hurt my mouth.

Oh well sorry for the moan have a lovely week ppl

Moany granny crochet x

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Hi granniescrochet, sorry you are hurting so, i have same with shoulders arms wrists hands fingers at the moment. My fingers keep locking in position as well. I have been using a portable tens machine to help cope with pain. I bought it recently after reading ken saying how good they were and it does help. All the best with your sore bits !

Sorry you are feeling so unwell, you mention sensitivity to bananas, I have this too also, and I now have to avoid nuts, for me it is sensitivity causing much of what you describe I'm also lactose intolerant. I used to, and did, eat anything with no problems. I hope you get answers soon. xx

lou60 in reply to lou60

Another point I wanted to make was the fact that all the sensitivity to all sorts of things came about as part of my diagnosis, this and of course all the other symptoms of fibro, some people develop actual allergies, no one I've seen has been able to explain why.xx

TheAuthor in reply to lou60

Hi lou60

I am exactly the same as you, as after my diagnosis I became lactose intolerant and had an episode of Urticaria M28. I have been told not to eat bananas, red fruits, soya and I have to avoid latex. I have pasted you a link to the NHS Choices page about this:

I hope that you find it useful and interesting.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

lou60 in reply to TheAuthor

Thank you Ken, I found that interesting. Lou x

Hi Granniescrochet

I am so sorry to read that you are feeling so unwell at this time, and I genuinely hope that you start to feel more like your usual self again soon. It is so debilitating and demoralising when we suffer a flare up like this.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

thats the pregabalin awful drug, I am trying to withdraw, feel so ill.

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