Should have known better

Well I should have known my good fortune wouldn't last long. Won my appeal and was placed in support group and have received a form from ATOS after only 5 weeks. Haven't got the energy to appeal again ( I know before I've even been that I will fail my medical ) why are they so intent on persecuting genuine people in real pain. If they walked a day in my life I wonder how long before they start to have suicidal thoughts :(

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  • hi irishjools, have you called them? it would be nice to think that the form was ordered before your appeal. I know I'm being Pollyanna but it might be worth asking.



  • I did ask but was told everyone has to fill them in, not just me and its simple ' no form benefits'

  • Should have said ' no form no benefits '

  • Hi Jools. Im so sorry you have been treated this way. I totally agree with what you said. To let you believe you were going to be sorted financially, for only 5 weeks, is ridiculous and cruel. Whats the point of that? Do they think you will be miraculously cured in 5 weeks? What an absolute waste of tax payers money to keep on doing this to us. And yes, it is persecution. I was reading yesterday, that david cameron's dad and son were both disabled, so you'd think he was fully aware of the difficulties we face, every day, and be a bit more compassionate. He claimed DLA for his son. It was ok for him but not for us? How many crimes does he have to blatantly commit before it stops? Harassment, mental cruelty, discrimination, persecution.......need I go on? The man is so hateful, I almost feel sorry for him. He is one sick, twisted individual and people are letting him get away with it. I hope you pass your medical. Good luck.

  • Have contacted my MP who happens to be a conservative and am waiting for a visit. Will be asking him his opinion on what micheal meacher said. Will let you all know how it goes x x

  • Take a look at this link hunni, you may have to scroll down a nabit but you will see the true questions in this are different to what is on the form in front of you.

  • Thankyou ozzygirl x x

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