Should i re apply or wait !


i was diagnosed with fibro nearly two yrs ago i have applied for dla a couple of times and was turned down i then appealed and lost appeal as i am my sons carer who has special needs ! My condition is getting worst i have been to see my doctor who has referred me back to the hospital got an appointment for Sept this year should i reapply for dla now or wait till i have seen the hospital ?

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  • Hi Ginger,looks like we are the night owls tonight.I think I would make sure I get a good Letter from docs and the same from hospital,is it the consultant you are seeing?

    It`s so unfair we have to fight for everything,But I`m sure others will give you better answers than I can.Gentle Hugs xxx

  • Im in this situation,my previous gp was damn useless so I lost appeal and tribunal, Ive now got a new gp so hopefully things will be better, my cab advisor is phoning later, with details of my recent tribunal which was horrendous and she thinks I might have a case to fight

  • If I were you, I would seek advice and support from either your local CAB or benefits and advice centre as this is a complex case really. DLA is given to people who are in need of help and support themselves, not who give help and support to others, so its a contradiction in itself. I fully understand and appreciate your situation (been there myself) and you are being penalised for your own caring role.

    Whilst you are caring for your child, who helps to look after, support and care for you? DLA is paid to assist you with managing your condition and the impact it has on your daily life, with a large element around mobility, and these are the areas you need to focus on, but you will still be asked about your own caring role. How does your own condition impact on your caring role and how do you manage this etc?

    It is always worth appealing and in some cases you may be asked to attend a face to face interview, which I believe can be a plus, though it is hard going as there can be 3 people asking you questions, but at least you can put your case forward in a more succinct manner and much clearer than on paper.

    You should be able to find your local CAB by searching your local area on the internet. Good luck.

  • Hi i tried dla last year and was turned down and now i have a specialist so i am going to try again, have you got a specialist? You need a decnt gp behind you too. And i will be going cab next time.

    kel xxx

  • finger, don;t give up reapplying. do it soonest. get family to write letters to accompany dla forms and get support from your local disbabilities group. your council or CAD will know who is in your area. like DIAL or Yew Tree. i had to apply twice and then suddenly got awarded highest mobility and care allowance. took three years but i left it one year when my dad was taken ill and died. keep going and never give up. you deserve this. xxx

  • Hi

    thanks for all yr messages of support and advice x

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