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Should I write a reply before my Tribunal?

Have my appeal tribunal in August and I have the opportunity to send any information before hand. I have written one, but as I am so exhausted with it all don't know if it's worth sending. Do any of you think it will help? Or is it better to just tell them face-to-face? I do find the interview exhausting too. (Everything is exhausting lol). My letter seems to go on and on and on :( HELP!

Ruth xx

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I have mine in august too.ive never been to one before.

So im nervous.

Id personally say it to there faces. Exhausting but better i think.but dnt take my word for it.

Wot do i know x


You really should send all you have, letter from family and friends if poss. saying how your illness affects you, if you can get one from your GP (explain to him/her what you need) make sure he sends it to you, so you can read it first.

Any physio, or specialist, a letter from them too, again sent to you.

Get anything you can. Check 'benefits at work' on line, they have useful info, you can get help on this site go to tags, benefits, benefits at work its free, for users of healthunlocked.

You must keep copies of all, and take with you.

I am not trying to scare you, but this is what I have been advised. Also don't go alone. Good luck and best wishes, Caz


Hi Ruth

I'de send everything you can hon, sometimes the tribunal will not accept submissions of papers on the day, so get them in before. Take someone with you!

It's awful but show them, tell them how you really feel.

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Hi Ruth

Caz is spot on with her answer !

I couldn't have said it better and as jessielou says, 'Take someone with you! '

happy hugs, kate :)


Send all you can, before your hearing. I sent a 4 page account of my day-to-day health problems that Ive had for 30 yrs, and a letter from my daughter who has grown up seeing me in pain and being depressed,because I havent got anything from my GP,or hospital, or Rhumy. I only see my GP when really necessary and for meds, so there wasnt much to back my case up.Sorry if this worries you, but I was turned down again, even though I was awarded another 6 points to add to the 6 I got at my medical assessment, thats still not enough. Im not done fighting though. I know I cant do a full days work or "part time " hours. So I'll keep trying. Good luck.


I've sent this to others, it applies to you too.

are you on DLA ? I was put in the back to work group for ESA and lost my DLA. I joined at this site -

and got my dla back due to the advice here. I can now concentrate on the esa appeal info. it costs £20 to join but is invaluable. the CAB will help. send everything mentioned in other replies beforehand and keep copies.good luck.

regards, sandra99b


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