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Bus Pass

Last Friday I was reading through the blogs and someone had mentioned a disabled bus pass. I checked on the council web site to see whether I would be eligible. I was as I have a blue badge so I printed off the form, photo copied the blue badge and posted it on Saturday.

I got my bus pass today - hows that for service.

My friend who I have known since we were little kids lives 20 miles away and I had said to her I couldn't drive that far any more so I phoned her this evening to tell her and I've just had an email from her saying she can't wait to meet me off the bus.

Sorry I can't remember who mentioned bus passes but I'd just like to say thank you if you know who you are as I would never have known about it.

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that is good service! enjoy the freedom. :D




Great news I mentioned it ages ago but I think other people have too I got mine through the unfit to drive due to meds option.. My GP wrote a letter to confirm this was true and I got my bus pass a few weeks later..... I must admit I haven't used it much but the times I have been able to its been fantastic. Hope you have fun with yours

VG x


It gets mentioned from time to time but it's always worth mentioning again for our newer members and also those of us that need updating about bus passes etc.

So pleased you managed to get this sorted out Lynne, that's good to hear. :)

(((hug))) xxx



My Mum in Law has one and also has carer added as she couldn't go out on her own due to alzhiemers , so that option is there too, it all helps save money and getting us out of the house

take care xx


glad you received good service. I too have mentioned it before. i sent off my form and had to go to a meeting at the bus company with a nurse and within a week i received my bus pass.

take care x


It's great I applied for one and received within a few days, I haven't used it yet as I have been to unwell.


Can I ask who I ask to get a bus pass please I could do with one as I don't drive xx


Hi Hunnybee

You need to go on the website of your local council and look for disability bus pass


I got mine late last year and it has been a godsend to me for getting to appointments, but more so when my daughter ends up in hospital. The cost of fares can run high if you are back and forth. So I hope you have a wonderful time when you get there hunni xxxxx


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