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this is a short n selfish post!!!!

i have read but not replied to many s typing is hard, im having a flare i know its my fault, i just moved n have sorted out 2 bedrooms cleared rubbish to tip, run bout with my dog, cleaned, hulahoop n fire eaten(that dont involve much excircise but it freaks the nieghbours!) so think i hit the wall!!!!!! shall now scream n cry......... ah well gotta walk dog, tke kids out n hair dressers, even getting dressed is scary, blah...,,,

have a gd week end have to stop typing as my rm strting to lock up..

tink xxxx

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I empathise with you. Well done for all you have managed to do, but do try and be kind to yourself too. Maybe the kids could get a haircut after school one day next week instead of today? Well, you know your own limits etc.

Hoping you feel yourself soon. Happy New Year and soft hugs,


Hi certainly know what you mean. I had one last week and yes I had knocked myself out over Christmas. I never learn my husband says but what are we supposed to do sit and vegitate things need to be done, We have to try and live with this condition because it will never go away. The biggest problem I think we have is that because we look "normal" people think we are fine. We have to try to educate the family but the kids never want mum ill.

Must go fingers sore.

Take things easy and try to be good to yourself.

Bye for now love Ax


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