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Hi regnofibro1, I'm in a similar position. I had 2 diff courses going at the same time for 5 wks, was in bad need of a break.soo my partner and I decided to go Skegness in our tourer.He( my partner) decided to take his 12 yr old daughter with us. I was furious to say the least( not because I don't get on with her, because I have a really good relationship with her) but because I wanted total utter rest. That was at the end of may........she is all me, so I entertained her most of time there, however on 3 occasions my partner went walkabout on his own( din't even take dog). As a result I have been in full flare up ever since. It makes me feel soo depressed, yet I keep plodding on. Sorry to waffle on.

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  • Not waffling! I really want to say thank you for letting me know I am not alone, but sounds so bad! So what I will say is I wish I was alone because I don't wish this on anyone. I have noticed as time goes on flares seem to last longer and are stronger. I would really like to know if that is a just me thing or does anyone else feel that way??? It just seems like I live my life in a flare. It just keeps getting worse. All I can say is thank you for thinking of me I am honored. I hope that your flare ends soon. Hugs

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I sincerely hope that you feel more like your usual self again soon.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you Ken x

  • I must say I would be mad with your partner too they sometimes just don't think how difficult it is to entertain a 12 yer old however much you might adore her especially when you are so under par and was just looking for a chillax holiday. Dock him 10 Brownie points and tell him to behave better int he future after all she is his daughter.

    These flares are the pits aren't they and take some getting through but as you say we must keep plodding on one foot slowly in front of the other. I have had to do too much lately and I feel as though I am a balloon that is slowly deflating but onwards and upwards or hovering quite near to the ground in the case of my balloon and yours by the sound of it but perhaps a beautiful draught of air will lift us up again soon.x

  • Hi Rose wine,

    Sorry for the late reply, thank you for ur comment. I wouldn't wish my worst enemy to have Fibro, but sometimes, I do think " I wish for ONE day all the cinicks cud just have a tiny piece of wot we go thru) contradiction of words I no. But it makes me soo angry(nobody understands) my thoughts of health and wellbeing for everyone. X

  • Hi, I just couldnt manage our tourer any longer with the setting up, taking down awning, beds and everything else that goes with caravaning, a man and a dog in a caravan is bad enough but a man, child and dog sorry much to much especially when man goes walk about without child or dog (very considerate) hope weather was ok because smelly wet dog, bored child, frustrated husband(because of rain, you would think that the rain only wets them the way they carry on, we are bored fed up with weather but we still have to get on with it and put on a smiley face😅😅 we have been caravaning for about 30years or more but we stopped this year too much for me what with two big dogs and husband so we sold our van and bought a static in West Wales it's lovely to just arrive and everything ready but I do miss touring with different people and places, but needs must, it's lovely where we are and we and our family will make lovely memories but we had just good memories of our touring days good and bad. So try to enjoy good and bad and next time husband will try harder I hope for you. Take care

  • Thank you for ur story, we are new to this caravan park, its just under a year since buying the van(even tho both our parents were very used to it. Mine had a static n my partners parents had tourer. I've had a bad flare up ever since coming back home at end of may..........we are going again at the wk end, soo I am hoping it will reverse itself.(yeah rite, who am I kidding lol)

  • Hope it goes better this time and that the weather cheers up.x

  • Hi guys, would just like to say,the holiday this time round was the best 1 yet. The weather was beautiful (which of course helps us all) My partner did all the lugging, tugging n setting up and putting away.......Great stuff. Lol. My brother and wife went same week, on same site. Her 3 children n their children also went, but on a different site. (Sounds very daunting) but had a fabulous time. Their were actually 5 sets of parents with 7 children. The children were as good as gold. Went on beach collecting shells for my 3 fish tanks, was brilliant. This time I left partner in van doing minor repairs with dog( only once though lol) Didn't want to come home. Soo it made up for last holiday. Back to the daily grind......... On well!!!!! Can't have it all ways. Hope your all keeping as well as possibly can. Vicki. X

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