Has anyone been watching Saints and Scroungers?

I wish someone could tell me how these scroungers get away with claiming disability benefit when there is nothing wrong with them and why they have not had to jump through hoops ie. medicals to get the benefit in the first place?? it makes me so mad I don't want these illnesses I have :( why in the world would anyone make these things up!! I know its all greed but this only makes it harder for genuine people like us to get what we need just to survive. I have very little energy today even typing this is wearing me out I am lying down on the settee typing this up. My body is screaming at me and I am freezing cold even though I have layers on and socks and a hot water bottle on my back because my neck, back and arms are really sore. Sorry for the rant just felt I needed to write it down and share, going to get some painkillers and a hot drink and two more hot water bottles and crawl back onto the settee sending all my Fibro friends very gentle fluffy hugs and wrap up warm xx

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  • Yes I have been watching it. It makes my blood boil to think there are those who desperately needs help, and those who take take take. They should be locked up x

  • Seems if you are genuinely ill, you get classed as a scrounger. IT's disgusting, isn't it.



  • No butterfly, I haven't seen it, but I have heard about it and agree with you ! I'm so sorry you're feeling so rough, do you have any heating you can turn on. I do hope so, also good to use a hot water bottle on your back. I really understand how you're feeling, I've got a compression fracture on L4, my pelvis is out of alignment and I have a vertebrae out in my neck, so you have my complete sympathy !

    If it would cheer you up you could pop over to the Virtual Trip to the Tower of London post, it is very funny and might keep your mind off the pain, even if only for a short time, just an idea, no obligation in any way,

    Sending you lots of positive healing vibes :-)

    Foggy x

  • Thanks Foggy been having a really rough time of it just lately more then the norm I think it is the cold weather I hurt in places I didn't even know I had :) yes we do have heating but we live in a big house and I am on my own during the day so it just doesn't feel right putting it on for little old me, my partner is always telling me off but to be honest I think layers, hot water bottles, socks etc. should be plenty to keep me warm I guess it is just one of the things with Fibro more sensitive to the heat and cold. I did light the fire though its an open fire logs and coal which is lovely. Loving the positive vibes, sending you gentle fluffy hugs xx

  • Those stories you see on TV are very old IB cases of fraud going back many years. You notice there is no references to ESA and attending Atos assessments and going to tribunals etc in those programs.

    They would never explain to the public that under the old IB system no checks were made to see if people had recovered from illness and that this could not happen today under the new system which actually declares people fit for work while they lay dying in hospital beds.

  • You are so right! But god help them now that PIP has been introduced to replace DLA/IB because Atos are ruthless and unempathetic to us!

  • The problem is the people who need it don't get it. I know most people are genuine and then there are a few who just play the system.

  • I too find the fraud disgraceful. Wonder though,if they would ever investigate and report on those MP's who have been taking liberties! They are always so sorry-but that's because they got caught!.Cannot recall one of them being hauled before the courts for misappropriation of funds......,

  • I haven't seen it, but have watched in the past.

    but have you given thought to the possibility of those people.... If you can call them that are using sites like this one, plus there are loads on facebook too, to gain info and instead of we think we maybe helping someone, we could actually be giving them help to claim when they shouldn't.

    I think on the whole we do tend to trust people in this country, but its becoming harder and harder to know who we can or can't trust these days xx

  • It might well be but what makes me mad is why have they not been called in for medicals?? I love this site it makes me feel like I am not going mad even though all my illnesses have been diagnosed by professionals sometimes you need to talk to people who are going through it and understand where your coming from but it is not fair to brand us all the same. The same could be said of people who work for Atos and DWP that they watch these programs and think we are all on the fiddle when it couldn't be further from the truth I would give my eye's teeth to be able to get back into work and not be in pain all the time and have to walk with a crutch. Sorry for the rant it just makes me so mad and stressed out I haven't had any money since June this year but I am lucky that I have a partner who takes care of me and a family that takes the time to read, learn and understand my illnesses :) xx

  • I know just what you mean, but Atos or DWP staff could be posting on this very topic, none of us would know. Thats why i could never feel 100%safe anywhere.

    I agree that we shouldn't be tarred with the brush, so to speak, but in my mind there is always doubt as we all feel that no one believes us! I guess i feel insecure and find it hard to trust anyone thats i feel like that.

    As for why these poeple haven't been called to be assessed esagestapo above, answered that already. I think they may be right. Many of these shows are repeats

    If that weren't the case and they were more recent, my guess is those people lie to their own Doctors too!

  • Exactly how I feel.I don't understand how they get away with it.Have you watched Britain on the the fiddle.One bloke was claiming twice DLA using different names!!!!!!How?????Its when they admit it to you face (my moms next door neighbour).Who told me when she was made redundant she didn't want to work again.So is telling everybody including the doctor she has health problems.Not only that when she was made redundant she had a carers job and fiddled the DWP left right and centre.

  • Yes I have and I agree with you how the hell do they get away with it for so long?? I know it goes on but as I said it is the rest of us that suffer! sending you gently fluffy hugs xx

  • sending gentle hugs back

  • How can they claim as you cant have more than one national insurance number ?

  • I know that's what I couldn't understand.

  • From my experiences they use someone elses N.I no. who has passed away or a relative. So hard faced they are.


  • I suspect they have had some form of assessment and medical but have all the answers. Anyone still on DLA will be called soon to change over to PIP and god help them if they havn,t kept their paperwork from their DLA claim, some people self inflict suffering due to bad habits and poor eating, its not their faults really its their background but if they come from a benefit background they,ll know all the buttons to push to get what they want.. There will always be cheats who get away with it but they are fewer now than before.

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