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still waiting for dla appeal

Hi everyone,firstly i would like to wish everyone a happy new year. I havent been on here much lately as ive had a few bad weeks.I am still awaiting my dla appeal date ( original dla claim was 2/11/11) and im not really holding that much hope as i sent off the letter from my doctor stating that i have fibro, copd, depression and obesity ( i didnt think the letter was good enough as i felt my gp could have gone into more detail. i only sent it because it proves that i have these problems). I had a letter off a friend who is a driving instructor and one off my sister who is a sister in charge at my local a @e dept.They both said about my mobility being poor but both couldnt comment on care as they dont know to which extent i need, which was fair and i wouldnt want them to compromise their integrity by saying otherwise. I got a letter off appeals today to say they have looked at the evidence and have reconsidered my case but would not change it...I put in another claim in for dla in dec so am waiting to hear about that,but im probably wasting my time...I went for a copd review a few weeks ago and my gp said i was much better, which was great, however i am due to have bariatric surgery in a week. I had to go to a pre op assessment only to be told that i am to high a risk for the surgery at the moment. I explained that my gp said i my copd was much better only to be told it wasnt and id have to go for a cardigogram and respiritory tests before i have the surgery. Hopefully the op will go ahead as planned, if i doesnt i will be so gutted..Im in limbo now, with my gp saying one thing and the aneathiestatist and consultant saying another..My point being if i have to go through all this just to have an operation,surely i am sick enough ( all problems included)for dla. I dont know what anyone else thinks? M y only worry (if surgery goes ahead) is that i said i was able to get around and do stuff by myself just to get the op and am feeling very guilty. Will post about how i get on..kind regards to everyone...xx

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My dla was stopped after 2yrs of being on middle rate for care and low for mobility. This was despite having a carer now morning and might and being put on slow release morphine twice a day and liquid morphine for breakthrough pain. I asked for them to look at their decision again but it was upheld. I therefore put in an appeal back in Oct 2011 and an still waiting for that. I get panicky when I think about my appeal, which is nearly every day, and am dreading the actual appeal and what they will say and if I will be successful. I can't help thinking he they stopped it and then upheld it, why would they reinstate it now. All this worry and stress certainly doesn't help the depression that comes with the fibro :’(


Too true! i thought id done really well in my breathing tests,to which my gp said was really good but the consultant told me my results wernt that good and only agreed to operate if i had a heart scan. It beggars belief that even with all our health problems we still cannot get dla.i know for a fact that when i eventually get an appeal date im goping to go to peices,its bad enough waiting for the appeal date (another reason my gp put me on antidepressants). i feel like giving up at times but i wont because im truthful about myself and believe i am entitled.


sorry for the abrupt end to that last post, my hubby wanted to use my lap top for a bit.I was going to add that its mainly because of the 25 years of working lifting and carrying heavy weights that my problems started. well thats enough out of me or i will be typing forever. ,xx


Good luck to you, nannyjenno and to chrissy57 who also wrote a reply on your blog. The whole system stinks! It is appalling the way chronically sick and/or disabled people are being treated and certainly adds to all the anxiety and depression that so many of us suffer anyway.

All I can say is that I'll think positive thoughts for both of you. I have the dreaded ESA form to complete but I am going to get a representative from an advice centre to fill it in for me as I find the whole procedure daunting. I am sure this Govt is trying to wear us all down while they sit in their ivory towers eating and drinking the finest foods and fiddling their expenses!

Take care, love and hugs Saskia XX


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