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getting bit better

afternoon all ,feeling better today with having flu over xmas and new year , seeing doc on monday again ,

went to housing again today about when flat ready ,been told aspestos in kicthen thats y taking so long ,all getting rewired through out .and surprised getting a wet room know , so keep fingers crossed be ready in feb ,

still got turned down for grant for whight goods and carpets , so looking on charible organasions for help so taking details to doc , ,

on a good note goibng to see if i can help with riding for disabled to help at least try to get my strenth back and may help with my depression ,as any one gone to rda with fibro and arthritise , when i was fit years ago used to have horses and ponies myself . will it help me be gratefull for any advice please ,

I need to do something then bordem not setting in on me ,which makes every thing worse .

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hi Tinkerbell

what a lovely positive post, so glad you have recovered from the flu , luckily i had the flu jab as my hubby was very poorly with it.

wow a wet room , sounds wonderful, My Mum has 1 as does my oldest brother , way to go in the future i think.

Do you have any local forsale sites online ? ours often have very cheap fridges etc , or maybe a free cycle site.

Riding for the disabled volunteering sounds like a wonderful idea , well worth a visit to see how things go

take care , warm hugs xx


I had my flu jab back in September I think with having the lung disease. So sorry you got the flu and glad it is better now. Nothing like illness to ruin the festivities. Not sure whether riding will help or not as it is not something I have ever done, oh hang on, I rode a horse once at school on fun fair day. NEVER AGAIN! I was butt sore for weeks afterwards. But if helping out helps you then go for it xxxxx


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