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feeling better

Hi everybody,not been on for quite some time but had a mad year basically,got a new house joined slimming world to sort the weight gain out,given up anything containing aspartame been smoke free 2months yesterday and gradually gaining some more movement in my limbs through graded excersize as suggested,still waitig for a physio but being me I couldn't wait so asked doc for advice,No I'm not cured but good gawd things is a lot better now than in the last four years of having F.M. ,hope this finds you all well oh and no doubt very soon I'll have my atos meeting again over D.L.A. that should be intersting,please don't get me wrrong I would love to be pain free and fully abled again but not there (yet) ,big hugs

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hi gizzmo, what a lot f positive moves :)

well done on he non-smoking!




Hi there,so pleased you are feeling better and positive about the future,what a busy year you've had! ,hope life continues to be good to you filled with happiness, hugs sent your way xxx


Hi things sound great for you... Long may it continue its lovely to hear of things going well for people.

VG x


Morning Gismo you are doing well - fantastic news stay positive :) I am so pleased for you!

I think if we keep chipping away at the rock face we will eventually become diamonds :)

Have a good weekend xgins


Good morning gizmo

Well all such good vibes from you and as everyone else has said so i may continue the echo hehe

That is great news and so pleased that you are getting on with things that are giving you that umph power ( sorry cannot think of what word i want )

Hormones or fog i guess.

Alllll the very best and so how is slimming world going and do you love your new home too x

Caroline xxxx


I'm glad things are going well for you. :) You give hope to many fibromites out there, thankyou. :)

Kindest Regards,

wanderingwallflower xx


Wow you have been busy! well done to you for giving up smoking and loosing weight too, no easy task. Hope you are settled in your new home, may you have many happy years there.


Thanks for the lovely comments everyone,I have been feeling so upbeat and it's making a difference to my little girl aswell as Mummy can do more than I have done in a longtime,my new house going great, no smoking hasn't bothered me so must've been ready to quit and slimming world has given me such a boost and mainly the social impact rather than what the club is for but have lost 2lb in 4wks which for someone who has hardly moved in 4yrs is good,slowly slowly lol.I followed an aspartame thread on fibrohaven on f.b. which was a mistake as some lady took a dislike to me saying I'd given it up and my fm symptoms had lessened and told me she wondered if i truly had fm and shouldn't it be personal choice whether to drink it or not ,honestly some people hehe,all I said was if she wanted to drink diet coke then fine,me personally will try whatever it takes to make me better ,I'm sure you'll agree and that doesn't include drinking something that could be making me sick xx enjoy your weekend and big hugs all round x


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