Much Better Day!!

Hi all

Just a quick one (phew i hear you all say ; ) ) to let you know now i am taking my regular meds again, i feel much happier in myself.

I still dont want to see/talk to people face to face but i got up, watched a few my shows i recorded whilst re-covering an old sideboard (so it matches the rest furniture but i was sat down), got washing up to date (admittedly had to tumble dry as line too hard for me) did dishes and my sons tea. Had 2 hr nap and now ready to face the evening.

So all in all happy with what i have achieved. Back and shoulders in agony so got new films to watc and gonna chill out.

Hope you all had a reasonable day and enjoy your eve. xxx

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  • So pleased your feeling better and doing so well

    all the best

    gentle hugs


  • glad your feeling a bit better in yourself hun ,gentle hugs to you xxxx

  • Great news Kia! :)

    We wouldn't say phew! lol It's just great to hear you feel so much better. Long may it last. Sounds like you got a lot done today. Better take it easy now for a while.

    I've finished work now until Monday. Whooop!! :)

    Have a good evening xxx

  • Thank You all.

    Sue i did do a fair amount, but my son is going away tomorrow for a lads weekend so no mess for 3 days woooo!!

    I intend to chill out. Be nice if nice weather but plenty gaames/books/films.

    Hope you enjoy your weekend. xx

  • Oooh, 3 days with no mess. How lucky are you lol.

    Not sure the weekend will be up to much weather wise but who cares, as you say, plenty of books/games/films etc.

    I'm going shopping at the weekend, my friend asked me if I fancied going. All this shop till you drop, I drop after the first shop :) Least I don't spend a lot lol.

    Sue xxx

  • wellthat is lovely to hear i am so glad you are feeling better i n yourself love to you diddle x

  • sounds like you have had a really good day and have a positive attitude,hope tomorrow is just as good for you x

  • Hi Kia, always nice to hear that someone is feeling much better after having a rubbish time. I do hope you will chill tomorrow after your busy day today. Take care, Love Angela xx

  • Thank you all. I have downloaded a lot of games to play on my computer hopefully being a bit busy today wont have too much impact although finding it hard to type tonight as hands and shoulders extremely painful.

    If not will read maybe or watch films.

    Whatever i do intend to rest up.

    I know the reason i was down so much is cos i tried to cut down/out some meds especially for my depression. Well looks like i have to stay on them a bit longer as i have noticed the difference as you have after one day again.

    Nite all.

    Luv to everyone of you. xx

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