in shock

i know this is not fibro related but needed to write how i felt my mum just rung and told me my nan has been taken to hospital they think she got an internal sist and they cant operate cos she is to frail so they pumping her with antibiotics but it may not work and if not we have just got to wait till she leaves us i some how knew this was coming as she has been going down hill fast but its still a shock again im sorry its not fibro related i just didnt know where else to write it

thanks sarah

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  • I'm so sorry to read this post Sarah. Don't ever apologize for posting something so sad, I just hope we can be here for you and help you along and I hope they can help your Nan.

    Keep us posted love

    Hugs Sue xxxxxx

  • hi sue thanks we lost my nan last night i got the call right after i finished work

  • Oh I'm so sorry Sarah, that's terrible news. I lost my Mum 6 months ago so know how you are all feeling.

    Hope you cope ok, we're here if you need us.

    Love and hugs Sue xxx

  • so sorry! hope you are coping well. lots and hugs and loves

  • Sarahd sorry to hear about your nan, we on this web page talk about everything not just fibro. We are here for each other so please if you want to talk by all means come onto here. I will b e thinking about you and your nan in my prayers, love squidley

  • hi so sorry to hear about your nan am thinking of you i lost my nan last august she was 90 but big shock she was living independebtly but for about a month had not been herself then got bad water infection they took her in on the wed to treat her with strong antibiotics they went round on thursday at 9pm to do their hourly checks she was fine and at 10 pm she had passed in her slep as quietly as tht then when they done a post mortem they found advaced lun cancer she had been complaining of a bad back and side for few weeks the doctor s jus thought it was whn she had a fall and we all did too i think my nanny knew and she wold have refused treatment at 90 anyway but it was horrible time but you jus take dayat time they will do their best for your nan bless er take care and think posotivly love diddle x

  • Hi, oh dear, so so sorry to hear your news. My thoughts are with you.

    Don't worry about writing about non fibro things, we can speak about anything we want on here esp if you need that extra support!!

    Keep smiling xx

  • i am very sorry to hear about your poor nan, i hope the drugs do work for her, sending love and hugs, xxx

  • Hi sarah, i am so sorry your nan isnt very well.

    I hope the antibiotics will work for her.

    And never apologise hun for writing non fibro things, we are all friends and i just hope it helped writing it hun,

    Take care and sending gentle hugs, kel xxx

  • Hi Sarah, sorry to hear about your Nan, lets hope the antibiotics work and she gets better real quick. You know we are all here if you need support, you shouldn't feel you need to apologise. Take Care and keep us updated Love Angela xx

  • sarah lv,u can talk bout owt u want.i do ope ur nan will b ok.we`r all ere 4 u,lv fm me xx

  • how is your nan today? xxx

  • Been thinking about you - is there any news? sending you many hugs x

  • hi sarah, sorry your nan is unwell, thoughts and prayers being sent your way, soft hugs to you xxxxxxxx

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