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So cross at ESA

I have just got home after travelling the 50 mile round trip to attend my ESA assessment for the 2nd time in under a month, only to be told yet again that it was cancelled.

In December it was because there were no examiners there & today the computer system was down!!!

I hope all is well with everyone & I wish you all a very happy New Year

From an ever so slightly grumpy Jane ;)


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I am not surprised you are so cross. I know how it feels to be let down. 1st time for me they rang just as I was going out of the door, the doctor was not available that day. 2nd time I got a letter on the 3rd, posted on the 1st, telling me I had an appointment on the 2nd. And then THEY demanded I fill in a form to explain why I HAD NOT ATTENDED!!!!!! And then 3rd time mother in laws car went off the road, nearly 2 hours each way by bus on my own as daughter was too ill to be left on her own. They used me travelling alone as an excuse to say I could work. Make sure you keep a note of all the times they mess you around hun and use it against them. xxxxx


It really is beyond words how we are being treated by these people.

Ah well, I wil lwait to see when the next appointment is, I will update you all when it takes place.

I hope your as well as you can be Ozziegirl


Jane xx


I think we are all as well as we can be with the dreaded fibro. But it gets my back up as on 21st June 2012(I think) the government stated they recognised finbro as a potentially disabling illness, I guess they forgot to tell DWP and ATOS this, either that or they were saying it to shut us all up. Peeved I am, peeved xxxxx


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