Hi all, what a day ive had woke this morning in pain and just wanted to sleep, i got a phone call at 10,55 asking why i havent been to my ESA appeal, i explained it wasnt till wednesday ohhhhhh no id gettin the date wrong, the lady told me the next appointment was december, i asked her if they could fit me in today and they could it was panic stations, i arrived had my say then my father in law had his say and the flood gates opened i was shaking crying i couldnt stop, when it was over they told me i would receive my reply through the post ???????? i thought you got it there and then so iam not looking forward to a few days time when i get my letter just dont think that sounded to good ;( ;( ;( xx

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  • Hey dont over. Think things too much.just have a bath a hot choc and yes prepare yreself for the yes or no so when it happens it wont hit you as hard.

    Good luck and sorry you had a bad day.x

  • thanks sammy xx

  • Sorry you had a bad day, hope all goes well for you, glad your father in law could say something, my bofriend wasnt allowed to say anything felt so alone at mine today lol xx

  • was he not lisa, they told him at the start if he had anything to add he could do so wen they had finished xx

  • i have had 8 appeals and they always tell you the outcome on the same day hope that helps

  • Well I had my appeal on the 19th and I was not given a decision on the day, I had to wait for the post man. There are members on here who have been refused by post after not getting the decison there and then. And there are members on here who never got their decision on the day and then got it awarded by post. You can only hang in there until it comes through. We are all here to support you whichever way it goes xxxxx

  • Thanks Ozzygirl, thats all iam seeing at the moment brown letter with a big black no on the front xx

  • Just hope it is a positive reply. Hopefully it all getting too much for you and you breaking down might go in your favour. Let us know how you get on. X

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