Morning all, hope we're all having a good day. Unfortunately I'm not.. Need some help or advise. I have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis as well as everything else that goes with it.. I had my assessment for pip about 3 months ago and ended up 2 points shoort so was refused. I've now had to finish work as I'm mentallya nd physically unable to work so I've been getting contribution based esa. I've now received an appointment for an assessment with a qualifiedh healthcare professional in relation to my esa claim.. I'm worrying myself sick about it. Anybody out there had this assessment? I am going to reapply for pip also as I've since been referred to rhumatology so I have further evidence of other problems.. All these assessments are making my anxiety levels hit the roof. Any advice would be very much welcome.. Thanks Lorraine x

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  • hello my lovely, sorry to hear you are feeling so awful and as you say the added stress of assessments and forms don't help one bit. I can tell you about my experience if it helps bur first thing I would say if you don't know about it is visit the work and benefits site, its full of helpful stiff about assessments and how to prepare for them. importantly take someone to the medical with you, ring dwp before and ask for the assessment to be recorded. Then after they give you a cd with the discussions held. That way you have a record of what was discussed, also ask for a copy of the report after. my assessment was carried out by a nurse who was very good, having my hubby there helped as he interjected when I forgot stuff. Make sure you tell them about how your pain affects you daily. There is so much info on the ben and work website so I won't go into detail here. I was awarded esa for 3 years contribution based.

    As for pip medical carried out by nurse. I was awarded daily living standard rate only and nothing for mobility so in process of mandatory reconsideration but not hopeful as they twisted everything that was said.

    Take as much evidence you can with you, the website gives a list of the types of questions you may be asked.

    hope this helps, but feel free to ask more and good luck.

    Jo x

  • Hi jo, thankyou so much for your reply. I have noted down what you have said and I will have a look on the work and benefits site. We do have a disability centre close by and I've been advised to go see them which I'm going to look into.. My husband has insisted he goes with me which i'll feel better about but I probably won't settle with myself mentally untill it's over with. I was told I could claim for council tax benefit but was just horrendous so I didn't bother.. I've worked for the last 35 yrs and paid all my duties and now I feel like I'm havin to climb mountains with all these forms and assessments trying to get help getting some of it back.. Hopefully it will all fall in my favour but thankyou so much for your advise and I hope your havin a good day.. Thanks Lorraine x

  • I cant really say anymore than joannie1964 as she has given you some good advice so I will just wish you luck. I will add one thing though which I did with my assessment and think it helped. Make sure there are no stairs if you find these difficult. I contacted Maximus (the assessors) and requested a centre with no stairs as the one they had made the appointment at had 18 steps to get to the assessor. They sent details of another centre further away and my husband and I did a dummy run to the newly appointed assessment centre which helped us know where we were going and what pitfalls there may be. good luck. Gentle hugs Joolz.x

  • Thankyou joolz, that's a good point as I'm not sure if there are any stairs at the assessment centre I'm going to so I will definately look into it, thankyou.. x

  • I have not undergone anything like this myself but I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your assessment. The only advice I can offer is to take somebody with you, as many members have said that they needed support during the assessment due to what was being asked of them, and you get a witness!

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thanks Ken, my husband will be attending with me which is definately a good thing as I have such a bad memory I can't remember things I'm told or things I have to tell them, that's me and my fuzzy head, and as joolz said in a earlier reply I can have it recorded and ask for a copy of the assessment which I will be also doing.. Thankyou so much Ken and I hope you have a good day... Thanks Lorraine

  • That's great, good luck!

  • hi Lorraine as Flossyjoolz said my first esa app in brighton was on 3rd floor so I rang and said if lifts not working I would struggle so they changed to ground floor. just a thought depending on where your appointment if you have to park and walk there that will go against you in terms of mobility. for me the walk was uphill and too far so got a taxi which dropped me outside. interestingly for ESa this did not go against me but for PIp it was noted that I could walk from outside to waiting room! How else was I supposed to get in! As my hubby joked, ....if it was 20 years ago I could have carried you in..... flippin cheek!

    jo x

  • I would have appealed your pip application and asked the GP to make an urgent referral to the rheumatologist so they can have put it in black and white what you have and how it affects you.

    Good luck xx

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