Feeling more under the weather, is anyone else?

I have had fibro for a while but just before Christmas I felt generally unwell, I found it difficult to get out of bed, I felt dizzy, weird, and more headaches than usual ... I went to docs and was told I had an inner ear infection and virus, and was given some anti sickness tabs ... I felt better after a few days. Today I have started feeling crappy again, anyone else? Xxx

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  • So many possible explanations. Another infection / virus / whatever? Overdoing it in the run-up to christmas? Post-Christmas blues? Long nights, dark days? Cold temperatures? Fibro flare? Hopefully you will soon start to feel better, but if not, it's probably a good idea to go and see your GP, and rule out anything that can be treated successfully like your ear infection.

    Hope you feel better tomorrow.



  • Hi my Hubby has been really ill with the flu, luckily i had the flu jab and fingers crossed i have escaped it. There are so many viruses around at the moment, i hope you feel better soon x

  • My husband got the flu like virus that's going around just before xmas and now I have it. Was getting more aches and pains than usual and thought I had just over done things a bit because until I started sneezing and coughing it was hard to tell whether it is was a virus or FM.

    Any illness seems to make FM symptoms much worse....

    I seem to be getting over it now though, hope you feel better soon too x

  • Thanks guys, yeah my kids have cold flu, and temps ..... I just have aches, pains and dizziness ...... Perhaps I have overdone it, I just want a break from feeling ill, but I am sure most of u feel like that too! ... And then when we have a day when we feel slightly better we do so much more than we should and it starts again xxx .... I'm glad u r all here, it's the first time I have posted xxxx

  • I had a virus like that a couple of years ago, technical term is labyrinthits. It can come and go for a couple of months but each time the dizziness and sickness lessons, keep taking the tablets. Hope it eases soon

  • Having major flare..


  • I had that terrible norovirus some years ago.....what an awful and debilitating thing!! But I have the flu jab every year and, touch wood, I'm OK. I swear by a high dose garlic supplement I take each day!! XX

  • So much going around right now and stress does us no favours. I was mid COPD and fibro flare when my COPD got very bad 4.30am Xmas morning. So bad I envisaged spending Xmas in hospital, but I never let that happen. So chances are hun you are really stressed out, we can be very stressed and not realise how badly stressed we are. I hope you feel better soon hun xxxxx

  • Thanks so much guys xxxx I think it's prob stress and a major flare xxx u have made me feel better xxx

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