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Anyone else suffered after taking omeprazole?

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Hi All, I came off all my meds 3 months ago and feel much better for it, over Christmas I over indulged with crap foods and fizzy drinks and took omeprazole for 3 days and I felt worse and worse, so much by the third day off taking them my fibro had flared so much I couldn’t walk for the entire day. As soon as I stopped taking them day by day have got much better. I do have a hiatus hernia as well as the ibs but it seems the omeprazole keep the bad stuff inside your body and the fibro doesn’t like it. I’ll stick to an extra strong mint for acid now. Was curious if anyone else found omeprazole to do this or maybe haven’t noticed that’s what’s making you feel worse. Take Care, Sarah x

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How strange that happened to me I was on them for years all ways had stomach pains just thought ibs I had to come of them for 2 weeks while I was having tests and I felt fine went back on them and I was so bad so came of them xx

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It is strange as they are supposed to relieve stomach pain not make it worse, thanks for replying xx

I was put on them to protect my stomach because on warfarin. I lasted three days of bloating and nausea before being very sick. My GP tried me on similar medication with same results.


I was changed from lanzaprolo to's cheaper...but I had dreadful nasuae and bloating which just added to how crap I was feeling from lupus and fibromyalgia and when I told my GP he agreed to change it back....

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Thanks for your reply, it’s an eye opener to meds supposed to help us and no advice that it may make your symptoms worse. Xx

I went on ranitidine and it’s happened with them very strange x

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I think they all must be generically the same in some way as I had same reactions to ranitidine as omeprazole.

Hi hun- I take Lansoprozole , same family as omep.I used to have Losec but they were lifted due to price...These omep dont keep "bad stuff" in your body they all get flushed out the other end, otherwise you would regurgitate it back.. what strength are your omep? a lower dose might be the answer they start at 10mg. I too have a massive hiatus hernia and wouldnt be able to eat with the lansop, when do you take your omep? first thing as you get dressed is best before anything else, that way they do their job...dont give up meds without speaking to your gp you could be making things worse. Keep liquid gaviscon in your cupboard if you really cannot tolerate omep but do try a low dose first,,speak to your gp some drugs just dont mix with each other and need timings for taking to avoid what you experienced.

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Thank you for your reply, my omeprazole were 20mgs and I used take in the morning and have tried at night too but they make me so ill, surely stopping is better than not, I agree about talking to doc first but be aware not all docs can help. I had an excruciating head pain from my eye for 13 months and my doc just kept trying different pills for me until my sister done research and found I was having cerviogenic headaches, which starts from neck stiffness and pain, when I went the doc with this information she totally agreed and I went for physio and they have disappeared, had I relied on my doc I would still be on more pills with no diagnosis, neck pain is common in fibromyalgia so she should have easily joined the dots. So I don’t have a lot of faith in my doc. Xx

See a different gp move practice bad g,ps who prescribe rather than investigate

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